Video: The Most Excited Penguin You’ll See Today

AWWW, LOL, Video — By on 2010/12/28 3:46 AM

cute baby penguin

Do you remember your first reaction to snow? I bet you were very excited and curious. But not as excited as this penguin! Seriously, you should watch this.

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  • Caity Rose

    Reminds me of my dog when she sees snow. Makes me want to hop along with them!

    • Dave

      That sounds like a lot of fun! :) You left the very first real comment on our website, not counting the spam ones, so we want to thank You for that and thanks for stopping by at our website. There will be lots more interesting stuff here and I hope You will find something for yourself in the future too.

  • leslie

    A real life “happy-feet” ;) cute…

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