Video: The Magical Beauty of Green Lake

Video — By on 2011/01/03 12:25 AM

Grüner See Österreich

Grüner See or the Green Lake in Austria is actually a small valley filled with freshwater during the snow melt from May to July. It is located in Tragöß, Styria, which sits at the foot of snow-capped Hochschwab mountains. And it is beautiful!

Throughout the frozen winter months the area is almost completely dry and is used as a county park. It is a particular favorite site for hikers.
But as soon as the temperatures begin to rise in spring, the ice and snow on the mountaintops begins to melt and runs down into the basin of land below.

The park fills up with ice-cold crystal clear water, which gets its distinctive green coloring from the grass and foliage beneath.
The water levels rise from about one or two meters deep in the winter to as much as 10 meters in the late spring and early summer.

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  • casketsalesman

    incredible, simply incredible

  • noah

    how do fish get in the lake if its not there year round?

    • Andy

      many fish live in areas where water is only there seasonally. Some species of fish have adapted to this by going burrowing into the soil and going dormant until the wet season. Also many fish have developed lungs in order to help breath air when their ponds dry up.

      • Willow NyteEyes

        Or… You know… a river maybe?

  • Jerden

    Fish are crafty that way.

  • mike

    there’s water there in the winter too just much less

  • Lacey

    Absolutely stunning!
    My guess is that there’s a pond in the park, and the pond has fish. When the runoff comes, it overfills the pond and floods the fields and stuff around it, so the fish get to go all over for awhile.
    I’d also venture to guess that the sandy area in the video is the main pond. All of the grassy stuff is where the water has flooded. If the water stayed for too long, all of the grass would die and it would look like the sandy area.

  • Andy Tope

    Beautiful. Scuba diving in the meadow.

  • gerovital

    amazing video
    gives a feeling of peace

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  • Pond

    video is no longer available, but base on the picture it looks
    beautiful, having pond is what my wife wants and hope I can grant her
    wish by the end of this year.


    • PicksAndFlicks

      video updated and working again