WTF Picture Gallery of the Week

Bizarre, Fun Pic, Funny — By on 2011/01/06 8:41 AM

These people are no slaves to fashion.

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funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

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  • ogod


  • Patt

    I met the man on the second picture on St Patrick’s Day while in New York. He was wearing a green dress that time…

  • Tess Elliott

    Okay, some people are very strange. I happen to have seen the man in the white dress with multi-colored hair and poodles (he is missing one in this picture, and he is out of his Chelsea neighborhood–this is Central Park). He is guarded because he takes a lot of crap from nasty kids who don’t want anyone to be different. I thought he was a beautiful picture, a happy surprise and lamented for weeks that I didn’t have my camera on me. Let people be.

    • caitie

      i think you’re lovely. i was thinking the same thing when i saw all of those jerks’ comments

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  • Alien

    This is one reason why we will never help earth with your problems. You cannot be helped.

  • Anastasia

    hehehehehe, thanks, this made my work day a little more interesting. =)

  • renee

    ahhhh my eyes! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nadia

    thanks,thanks,thanks! hyhy :D

  • rutoierotgergjo

    Amazing that we consider ourselves an advanced society and yet require such absolute conformity that one of our social members who is simply dressed in a unique or individualistic manner would draw the attention necessary to bring both photos and disquieting commentary to the Internet.

    The greatest difficulty I have found is living as an intelligent person among a mindless herd bound only by a common desire to follow and fear.

    Also, as a passing comment that will cause many to create a keyboard storm, keys exploding in a fervent rush to flame the different one . . .

    Religion is the most successful of applied brainwashing techniques with nearly 72% of the world population accepting the myth of some unseen godlike creature controlling their past, present, and future. It has been so successful, that only a limited few have found their way to sanity. Even the concept that there are hundreds of minor religions as well as seven major ones will not assist them in understanding that the religion they have adopted and the god they accept in denial of all others, is more a product of where they were born than any other factor. Even knowing that, all will continue to believe their god the only one, ignoring all the reality such a concept brings.

    OK, idiots, hit those keyboards in a rush. I cannot wait to see more mindless rhetoric.

    Because . . . as you flame me, there will be a few who are not so inclined, and fewer still who will pause and reflect, wondering, examining realities as they perceive them, and perhaps one who can recognize that providing he/she do no harm, each may pursue his own, and in that, there may be something to find, something of value worth our recognition.

  • Kindasorta

    The “leprechaun” is from the set of that monikers “in da hood” sequel.

  • erik

    I’ve talked to the Guy in the last picture. He’s called “Gula gubben” in Sweden or in English “the yellow man”, you can probably see why. He always wears those clothes.

  • TennesseeSlim

    I had a farting contest with old Gula Gubben.  He won by a light year.  Of course, that’s because that’s how far away from him I had to get after he let loose.

    Kind of reminded me of Kandy Blevins.