Snowman Goes to the Desert in a Cardboard Box (Video)

AWWW, Sci/Tech, Video — By on 2011/01/21 3:59 PM

snowman in desert

Using no refrigeration, this cute little snowman made in Japan traveled 5,314 miles to the desert of Bahrain, surviving the journey in one piece. The feat was a nice test of Panasonic’s new vacuum insulation panels, called U-Vacua, and a clever stunt that produced squeals of joy from a bunch of Bahraini kids.

Panasonic’s SPARKS team, a couple of dudes who make videos about the company’s “eco-technology,” received a message on their Facebook page from a Bahraini girl named Amna al-Haddad, who wanted her younger brother Saleh to see snow for the first time. They decided to ship the kids a snowman.


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