When You See It, You Will Shit Bricks

Bizarre, Fun Pic, Funny — By Dave on 2011/01/21 12:41 AM

Try to spot the strange thing in every photo…

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funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

funny picture

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  • http://crunchpost.com/ Kaleem Akhter

    Wow beautiful and so funny pictures collection.

  • Harold

    The missing arm one is stupid it is holding the microphone unless i missing something?

  • Dave

    it is a really bad photoshop job :)

  • C

    its not bad photoshop, there is a man behind the woman in blue, who is walking with a woman whos arm is showing on the right

  • http://www.sitestash.com Mick

    It’s funny cause the guy on the left has an impression of a condom bulging out of his wallet.

    I def laughed.

  • Larry Kwan

    More so funny because that isn’t a condom it is a camera.

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jenny Neese , sharkwebstyle. sharkwebstyle said: @Giant_G_Ginner try this http://dailypicksandflicks.com/2011/01/21/when-you-see-it-you-will-shit-bricks/ [...]

  • http://andrikyrychok.wordpress.com/ Andri Kyrychok

    A couple of these are really not impressive…

  • Mac

    Shit a Brick is a little overdramatic. How about mildly Amused.

  • Melissa

    I can’t see what is so funny about the spa ad?

  • Seth

    It looks like a vagina.

  • joq

    i dont get the first one

  • andrea

    Mildly amusing… first one – naked chick ooooohhhh WOW shit a brick…NOT

  • Dave

    You do know it is just a widely used internet term, right? Why so serious?

  • Joan

    You know of course that this is Cindy McCain walking with her two sons, and it is John McCain’s arm that is between her and her son. This was at the Republican Convention, and he was walking right behind her, she was carrying the microphone to introduce him to the nation as the candidate for president.

  • g33k

    the woman behind the woman at the front looks like shes naked. i dont get the second one

  • Roger

    it’s not a naked chick, it’s the other woman’s very large arm. oooooooohhhhhh go hit yourself with a brick

  • ade

    thats an arm

  • ThatOneGuys

    One of the chicks is naked.

    I dont get the second one with the three girls.

  • bill

    She’s not naked. It’s the arm of the girl in front of her that’s making her look naked.

  • tyler

    she’s not naked; that’s the first chick’s arm, not the second one’s entire body.

  • emma

    I still don’t understand the spa ad, I just don’t see it I guess.

  • beth

    the girl at the top of the pic..her nostrils are upside down..

  • ciara

    The second picture one of the girls noses is the wrong way around…

  • Davie

    For the 3 kids the top kid’s facial features are upside down, you need to look at the photo upside down to see it.

  • jennisaur

    um…isn’t this just an awful photoshop job? the hand holding the microphone has no body attached to it.

  • jennisaur

    if you look quickly at the top left image, the neck of the woman being massaged looks like it’s the vagina of the woman giving the massage.

  • http://www.ecu.edu higgy

    The girl at the top of the photo nose is upside down.

  • ann

    the upper left woman’s neck looks like a vagina and the hair on the upper right woman’s neck looks like a vagina.

  • chris

    The second one, There’s an upside-down nose.

  • drewsus

    LoL do you REALLY believe that that girls arm is as long/longer than her body?

  • Fi

    I don’t get the bus one?

  • Dave

    Look at the very bottom

  • lance

    what’s wrong with the soccer team?

  • Dave

    the hand

  • Random Person

    He’s got three arms two of which coming off of the same elbow.

  • ttmab

    The crazy part is, she’s not naked. It’s the other girl’s arm.

  • Meg

    oh my god it took me forever to see what was wrong with the fourth picture…. tiny people having sex :)

  • YoYaIdiot

    Idiot.. It’s the chick’s arm. Bet you feel stupid now, eh?

  • JackH

    Her mouth, too!

  • Fran

    This is hilarioussss

  • http://www.halfbakedpotatoes.com/ Kev

    Ha there was a good few of them that took ages to spot. Or maybe im just going blind. Either way great list!

  • Random Person

    I don’t get the one with the newspaper….

  • JMH


  • Lola

    one of the girls’ nose is upside down

  • Kev

    I don’t get the one of the girl on the phone? any help?

  • Jessica

    one of the girls nose n mouth is upside down…

  • justdance

    HAHAH i agree totally

  • Orange

    Look at her legs. The look backwards.

  • this

    her legs are bent backward over the bed. creeeepy!

  • Bek

    her legs appear to be backwards

  • Abby

    Look how her legs hang over the bed.

  • Matthew Rogers

    The girls legs are backwards. Or Her Body is backwards which ever way you want to look at it.

  • Jeremy

    Look at her legs that are hanging off the bed behind her; they’re bending backwards (maybe she’s one of those aliens from that Charlie Sheen movie Contact).

  • Habdab

    Take a look at the girls legs, they look like they’re bending the wrong way at the knee.

  • deuce

    look at her legs

  • http://thelibraryoflife.org Alex

    The girl on the phone’s legs are backwards.

  • Tim

    She’s speaking into the remote…

  • Laz

    I don’t get the police advert on the bus one…got all the rest! Bit of help??

  • Jim

    The exhaust is where his dong would be… best I could gather from it…

  • yesthatsme

    The tailpipe of the bus looks like it’s coming out of the policeman’s fly.

  • Brian

    It’s not just her nose upside down. If you tilt your head and look at her face like it’s right side up, you’ll notice her entire face is upside down. Eyes, nose and mouth.

  • hahahaha

    Idiot.. They’ve obviously been corrected already, did you really need to repeat everyone else? Bet you feel stupid now, eh?

  • anon

    no, it doesn’t. it’s just fucking stupid.

  • hammie

    The kid vomiting

  • Milton

    I still dont get it haha

  • Julie

    Not naked. It’s the big girls arm that looks like her body.

  • albo18

    But shes not naked look closer

  • tropica

    The 2nd one is called the Thatcher Effect.

  • Lacey

    I think you are suppose to notice the creep leaning or hiding behind that guy on the right

  • Lacey

    Lesbian shot

  • k

    For the bus I thought it was the sticker on the bottom right answering the question.

  • will

    both cops are overweight

  • whatswrongnow

    The spa one is the best! I thought for a sec the woman giving the massage was fingering herself.

  • Linda

    no, if you look at the pic on the right it looks like the girl is licking the neck of the other girl

  • http://twitter.com/hawaiianpunchhh Leilani Aspuria

    what’s the second one?!

  • Guest

    Look at her legs. They shouldn’t bend like that.

  • brandi

    in the top left picture, cover the clients head with your finger and look at her neck.

  • brandi

    in the top left picture, cover the clients head with your finger and look at her neck.

  • Griffisking2010

    its suppoesd to look like his penis is hanging out lol

  • Lluke250

    her upside down nose

  • Finchie2294

    upside down everything*

  • Vanlong0820

    Whats in the one where the girl is putting on makeup? and the other girl is holding the camera?

  • ashley

    The girl holding the camera… if you pay close attention to her arm it looks like it is the butt of the girl standing behind her.

  • Im_mad_

    Look at the exhaust pipe

  • bam

    on the 5th one it not strange at all they all have all their arms, yet it says someone is missing one

  • thaat_one_guy

    its not a photoshop fail, its just the angle of the camera, its looks like her right arm is in the dudes arm and her other arm is both at her side and in the other guys arm, when really both her arms are in both guy’s arms and there’s another guy behind her and you see his arm at her side

  • Wannabencali

    Has anybody seen the one with the 4 young girls
    In pink sitting in the woods?! I can’t figure out what it is that’s wrong in the picture!

  • Avery

    Omg let me know when u find out! It’s on pinterest a million times! Lol

  • Jenniferyocham80

    Look in the bush on the right side of the picture.

  • Turbogirl

    I am not seeing it…. Help me out.

  • Katieparish

    I still don’t see it :(

  • Kahayes42

    I still don’t know. :-(. What is it?? I want to go to bed!!!

  • ghdegw

    i don’t see it either. you have to be more helpful than that!

  • AS

    me neither and its driving me crazy! help!

  • Amy Bailey

    The fact that nobody else is seeing this makes me think that maybe I’m imagining it, but is there not what looks like a bobcat’s head to the right of the second girl to the right’s head?

  • Taras-solmie

    arh i dont see anything ! so frusterating

  • Linda

    the only thing I can come close to seeing, is possibly a snake (rattle?) behind the little girl with the white heart on her zip up jacket. Right behind her head, sort of between the two rocks.

  • Cook

    I read that someone photoshopped a pedobear on one of the girls shirts.  So some sicko is fooling us all!

  • Sm0034514

    is there a striped snake on the ground tothe right of the littlest girl on the right?

  • pedobear

    The pedobear is seen on the girls shirt 2nd from the left. google “pedobear”. it is fitting for this picture

  • ghdegw

    I still don’t see a pedobear.

  • Carrietx4

    I got it!!! It is the man hand on the rock where they are sitting. It is between the 2 middle girls. It is supposed to be the little girls hand but there is no way it is a little girl hand.

  • Guest

    You may need to take another look because the only hand I see there belongs to the girl with the heart on her shirt…look how her arm is positioned.  Also if you look at her other hand you can see she just has skinny long fingers/hands. If you are talking about something else I dont see that.

  • Guest

    Thats the only thing I see too.. just have no clue what it is.

  • Guest

    So I found the answer on another site.. you are correct there is a pedo bear photshopped on the girls shirt with the “floral” print …look kind of on the right side and near the top of her shirt…I had to also goole pedo bear to know what it looked like but be careful on where you click … i went to wiki

  • Berkeley

    We have looked and looked! We see the pedobears but is that really all there is? It seems like that is just a print on her shirt. There has to be something else!!!

  • K_matthews1502

    It is a sick joke by some pervert to make us think there is something wrong in the picture when really its just a way to get people to stare at these girls for a long time. Jokes on us. Yes it was someone affiated with the pedobear. Sick person !!

  • Haleyebug

    Okay listen I don’t know if this is right but I’ve been up trying to figure this one out too. Okay the girl with the cowboy hat and the girl beside her. Look at the space between where they are sitting. It looks like there is a mountain lions head laying in between the space where they are sitting.

  • Corrie Hermans

    There is a snake under the girls. The head is between the two far left girls and the third girl has her hand on it. 

  • Dr.kelley

    It’s simple to spot…there is a snake coiled up in the opening of the rocks under where the the 2nd girl is sitting. There are no heads, no other animals, & no third hands or heads, just a brown & black snake coiled up under the girl in the white pedal pushers.

  • Xiamagooniex

    can someone attach the link of the four girls in pink 

  • Me

    I looked, and the only thing I could find was what looked like a creepy set of eyes looking out from under the top set of rocks right between the two center girls…

  • FoxTrotMarie

    After reading these comments I studied that photo. The ONLY thing I can see isn’t the snake that some people mentioned. It’s right in between the two middle girls, under that top rock. If you look closely at that dark spot it looks like there’s eyes staring out.

  • Tidemastre

    Haha, I do. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Camper_velorium

    Is clear as hell what is in the picture. When you zoom in on the girl with the floral pattern top, there are a good 3 pedo bears photoshopped across the front. This pic has been around for a few years and the pedo bears have always been there. It is some guy’s sick way of having people zoom in on some young girl’s top.

  • Brett

    What’s wrong with the second picture?

  • Dumbass

    For the three girls…IF you look behind the camera strap…you can see the girls ass…In other wise…She is naked

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Long/517548092 Nate Long

    Her fuckin nose is upside down

  • Judyy K.

    I Finally See It !!!! The Picture w/ the three little girls isnt a snake or the eyes , look at the top girl very very closely !! *hint hint* Her Nose

  • Lol

    OMG, cannot be unseen! :P

  • Babycheeses

     No, the exhaust resembles the penis on the male cop.

  • http://www.makrobilisim.net/ Web Tasarım

    Amazing pics :)) thank you

  • http://www.makrobilisim.net/ Web Tasarım

    Amazing pics :)) thank you

  • Katrina Saad

    Hey the picture of the three girls turn your coumpter upside down then the girls nose is opisit :D

  • Destinaxe

    In the picture from the bridge there is a couple having sex on the platform next to the sea

  • Morgan Scot

    Where do you guys see 4 girls in pink?!

  • Adustyhorn

    some your gross

  • Alice

    I don’t see that massage one or the soccer team one???

  • Anonymous

    You guys need to get better monitors. You can clearly see her arm, and the other arm is someone behind her.

  • Mama

    The coach in the blue has hand down the shorts of the guy next to him .

  • Mama

    But she’s not. It’s the shoulder of the girl with the camera.

  • asvarnall

    so much PS

  • Mo(hawk)

    Nope It’s the face of the girl above, turn your screen you can see her face is actually f*cked up

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