Cute Puppy Taking A Bath (Video)

AWWW, Video — By on 2011/01/31 10:31 AM

cute puppy taking a bath

Dachshund puppy called Iso takes a bath in slow motion and the world stands still…


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  • Southboundsue

    Dachshunds are not dogs!  They are some other magical, wonderful being.  I was fortunate enough to have had 3 in my life.  Lucy, the most magical, died January 14, 2011 at 10:19 a.m.  She was just one month short of 15.  I still cry every day at the loss of my best friend!

    • PicksAndFlicks

      Sorry for your loss. I have three miniature dachshunds now, they are the best dogs ever and I can’t stand a thought of losing them.