Justin Bieber’s Dancer Falls Hard During Grammy Performance (Video)

LOL, OMG, Pop Culture — By on 2011/02/14 6:44 AM

One of Justin Bieber’s dancers had a rough back flip landing during a live performance at the Grammy’s. Young Canadien star pushed him in the back as a part of the choreography, but the poor guy almost broke his ass.

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  • dancer2323

    guys. listen. I understand you dont like justin beiber. but im pretty sure ur just jealous he can get more girls than you!:) you really shouldn’t laugh at the guy falling. he could’ve been seriously injured..

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  • pajdda1

    i agree with dancer2323. The guy apparently got hurt really bad since he ended up in the hospital. He cracked something in his back. That’s not a laughing matter.

    • justen bieber

      yes is is

  • justen bieber


  • justen bieber

    i really am justin bieber

  • justen bieber

    yes he well not sing any more

  • justen bieber