Hundreds of People Attend San Francisco’s Sixth Annual Mass Pillow Fight (Video)

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Nearly thousand of people attended San Francisco’s sixth annual Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight in Justin Herman Plaza. The fight began as the Ferry Building clock struck 6 p.m, but city officials were less than happy to see feathers flying all over the place again.

Last year city cleanup crews worked for nearly two days, and San Francisco’s Public Works Department says it costs about 17,000 dollars to clean up the mess.

That’s why city officials want event organizers to apply for a permit and provide cleanup, security and portable toilets, but so far they were unable to track down who are they, reports ABC 7 News.

“It’s a big inconvenience because we’re going through some very tough economic times right now,” said Gloria Chan from the Public Works Department.

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  • Jen Small

    Pillows for Puppies coordinated 30 volunteers who stayed until 10:30pm
    cleaning the plaza, along with dozens of helpers who were happy to
    fill a bag with fluff before heading home. We filled 150 big trash
    bags with the stuffing from burst pillows and left much less work for
    the city employees. We left a very light smattering of feathers,
    rather than the usual 4-6 inches of fluff, feathers, and empty
    pillowcases. Next year we’re bringing power washers of our own -
    that’s all there was left to do!

    Clean up costs for the city dropped ninety percent, from $35,000 in
    2010 to $3,500 in 2011, according to Gloria Chan of the DPW.

    However, Chan did not credit us! Aww! This ninety percent reduction is due directly to our amazing volunteers and the participation of pillow fighters in cleaning up after themselves when
    offered trash bags and loving encouragement to pick up.

    Pictures of the wonderfully clean Justin Herman Plaza:

  • Goran

    Thanks for the info, Jen!

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