Satirical Art Drawings by Pawel Kuczynski

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These beautiful works of art are from Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski. Pawel was born in 1976 in Szczecin. He graduated the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics. He is famous for his satirical illustrations that make you wonder about society, politics and all the biggies in life.

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Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

Pawel Kuczynski art

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  • Bobi L Vargas

    your art is LOUD, great job

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  • Chris

    Your art is wonderful, I would give more thumbs up, but I only have two.

  • A900

    some of these really spoke to me, these are greaaaaaaaat

  • Rh


  • Ash

    not very original.

    • guest

      then make something better

    • Buddha

      Lolz. Then, what exactly is original to you?

  • thenotchosenone

    one word. amazing…

  • Patricialawrence

    This is remarkable. So much to think about, to feel, in each of them. Thank you.

  • Sahibdang

    <3 it !!!!!!! another inspiration to me !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    A thousand words wouldn’t begin to cover any one of these, great art.

    • blahh!


      • coolhandlarry

        for thoes of us that have nothing good to say, try to open your mind, still nothing , well try to imagan a blank canvas, shouldent be hard.

        • Jamaldeaux

          you can’t spell

          • GothicVampireGirl

            And you are a dumb ass Jamald

  • Flo

    This man is a genius!

  • erin

    it’s pictures like these that inspire the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

  • random

    I loved most of these, but I felt like the first one was offensive. To me, the message was confusing- I read it as blacks are glorifying slavery/ inprisonment, and I disagree. Did it feel like that to anyone else?

    • AMH

      Really? I absolutely did not see that at all, the message I received had to do with upholding one’s dignity, refusing to have your honor stripped from you, maintaining one’s kingliness, if you will.

    • PicksAndFlicks

      It is art and therefore open to interpretation, but the first one is saying that traditional slavery (people owning people and putting them in chains ) has been replaced by economic slavery(hence the gold), IMO.

      • Whistlings Dead

        That is what I was thinking, but you definitely hit the nail on the head.

  • Guest

    Not bad.

    The word “satire” gets thrown around too easily now days. And the description here is an example of that.

    • Puppy

      –noun1.the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing,denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.that was the very first definition i got when i looked up the word, and it fits this exactly.

  • Neil

    Truth is drawn by this man’s pen…

  • Travonepleasant

    Love this. I appreciate good art but this says something. Like one commentor said a picture is worth a thousand words. These painting do just that.

  • Jayson alvin Santos

    Seeing these pictures and realizing that it is the reality we are facing today is depressing. I commend the artist who made this.

  • Dylan

    Great drawings. I love the power each one holds. And how they speak to what is true in the world

  • Jt Odochartaigh

    Pictures supposedly are worth a thousand words; yours are easily worth ten times that amount.

  • YellowPillowFish

    Tnese are just outstanding illustration.. great collection thank you for the share !!!!

  • unknown

    Fantastic and very origanal

  • Spidaminida

    Very Banksy…

  • guest

    ewww. i would never buy these, or stay at a house with this rubbish on their walls. these were made by a person who feels guilty that they were born in more than a third world country and feels they made peace with God or their “i have so much time on my hands i can bitch about things that don’t concern me” friends. i bet rich white american women own these. ewww!

    • roarboy

      did he died?

    • Simim

      “i bet rich white american women own these. ewww!”

      I bet rich white American women own your life. Eww.

      • guest

        ACTUALLY!!! i totally agree with her comment!! WHO THE EFF WOULD WANT TO OWN THESE?!!

        • PicksAndFlicks

          You have a right to your opinion, but next time keep your racist remarks to yourself.

          • Rachelle

            A rich white woman? Wow, grow up.

        • Mr Thomo


    • cam

      get off your fucking high horse. 

  • Nadia

    I loved them. and there’s nothing wrong, infact; everything is right about having a feeling for how it is for someone who is not rich or at peace. even if that feeling lasts for only as long as it takes to see these pictures.

  • Wi Ki

    no the author is white and from poland and people have different opinions on shitty, and most people can tell shitty from good. apparently you cant.

  • Kade

    I really like the mic cords of the politician leading into the sewer. Modern sentiment keenly captured.

  • Rachelle

    I thought these works were amazing, well thought out, and well presented. To each his own. Perhaps try looking at these paintings from a different view, instead of condeming them. By doing that you can place yourself in the shoes and view through the eyes of the author. It is an chance to develop your own character and grow to be a more mature and well rounded individual.

  • celebs4truth

    Your attitude is shitty! LOL A$$hole!

  • celebs4truth


  • Rob1234

    Reading the comments, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of people didn’t get these. I thought there were all amazing! keep it up

  • Anonymous

    Those are amazing!

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  • Laura-mead

    Very thought provoking. I like art that does that, much better then a tear in a canvas in different colours.

  • Starburstbaby074

    What is wrong with you? you need to evaluate your gestures and the way you treat people? Disrespectful I think so!

  • Malaysia Tour Packages

    really amazing posters

  • Gino

    I would tell you how good this but I’m being held back by common sense.

  • Alexandra

    Let me guess.. You’re a central American redneck, who believes wholly in the president, war and general close-mindedness. Douche.

  • Alfonso Cortés Zendejas


  • Lithiumac

    why are these so shitty ?

  • Ella Greene

    :) This is awesome. I love it. The one that sticks out in my mind is the barnyard one, but then I grew up in that environment.

  • Anonymous

    I love the meanings that some of these posters show!!

  • Brooklyn Rue


  • DiggIt

    amazing, i love the deep content of the work

  • Gehan Mohamed

    Awesome Posters!

  • Lifve42dsaylis


  • Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate, trolls are gonna troll. Nice art, keep it up

  • james

    morbid for morbid’s sake, lighten up, all your doing here is pointing out what the papers do everyday in a visual way. il give you this though you can draw, just put your mind to something more interesting, something with an idea in it preferably… sorry dude but my honest opinion

  • Ggh0034

    This first one is really f-ed up. And they’re all trite. DISLIKE.

  • Girl

    It makes me sad that using a blank canvas, that is what you see. Beautiful, but sad.

  • Nicoleannkohanek

    This art is very moving!

  • Patriot

    I’m enjoying the fact that a Polish man thinks he can sit here and criticize America. It isn’t your country, I don’t want to hear your opinions. If you don’t like America, don’t live here. Simple as that, buddy.

  • B2663033

    i like these. some of them obvious, but nice. and to the “rich white women” comment –  you’re being ridiculous. the plight of others SHOULD concern anyone. being more fortunate doesn’t absolve you of being compassionate to those less fortunate – “put yourself in their shoes” (your pugnacious and self involved brain incapable, somehow?). moreover, what’s wrong with making socially conscious artwork such as these? the “satirical is overused” guy is annoying too. i mean, is there some kind of limit to how many times you can apply it and to which context it is applied? get off your self righteous post-modern little high horse. there’s never an end to the supply of negative shitheads ready to vomit their worthless opinions all over everything even remotely decent (the only thing that would ignite any joy into their worlds would be a stupid demotivational poster dehumanising everything in the universe)

  • clipping path

    Nice painting

  • wow

    the guy talking into the microphone into the sewer is  awesome! talk about a picture being stronger than words

  • Wildlybamboozled35

    This depressed the hell out of me, but in a good way. You, sir or madam, are amazing.

  • Puppy

    wow… i dont really know what to say, but im impressed :O

  • Dunyaergun

    these drawings are so very impressive. one piece of it and it delivers all the message and the meaning and the meaninglessness…excellent work!

  • Whatismu21

    excellent, some even stunning

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  • Anonymous

    some of this where a bit to morbid for my liking .

  • David Anthony Johnofre Rodrigu

    One word: AMAZING

  • Abrek

    8th painting impressed me. It’s
    thought provoking . I like others too. I heard Kuczynski firstly on this page. Thank you. I will share

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  • Edgard100367

    no comment

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  • Jesse

    Brilliant works, you are a genius.

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  • Greg

    I Love those posters :) absolutely fantastic :)

  • canvas wall art

    Do not take on subjects that are too complicated at first. This will certainly cause you to become discouraged if the drawing isn’t as good as you expected it to be. Start with simple subjects that you know you can complete and then progress to more complicated ones.

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  • Andretti