Luis Moreno Apologises for Killing Owl Mascot (Video)

Odd Ball — By on 2011/03/02 5:29 AM

Luis Moreno, Deportivo Pereira defender, who kicked Atletico Junior’s mascot owl as it was laying stunned after it was struck by the ball, apologised for killing a poor bird.

“My family is very worried about what happened because an entire country (Columbia) is against me. I believe what happened is regrettable and I apologised to the entire country,” he said.

Ramon Jesurum, president of Dimayor, a Colombian football league also known as the Copa Mustang, said on Monday that “the player should be severely punished for this painful, horrible act of intolerance,” reports The Telegraph.

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  • Layla

    I hate you!!!

  • Peczekkarolina

    Fuck you!!!! I wish you will die!!! and your family too!!!! haw could you do something like this!!!!!! you are not a normal person!!!! you are not a men!!!!!!!

  • Pell

    That son of a bitch needs to go to jail.

  • Zippers

    How sad.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what other acts of cruelty he has committed against the helpless and harmless.

  • Nonlimpid

    why the hell did they have a live animal on the field anyhow? Irresponsible on behalf of Atletico Junior, and totally deplorable on Moreno’s part