Young Girls Kissing Russian Female Police Officers (Video)

Strange News, WTF — By on 2011/03/02 4:43 AM

No lesbian porn here if that’s what you expect. Actually, what you are about to see is performance act done by a group of unnamed artists in a response to Russian police force changing its official name on March 1st.

From now on country’s police force will formally be referred to as “politsia” instead of the Soviet-era “militsia,” as a part of what the authorities have called as a sweeping reform to clean up the police of corruption and abuse of power.

Although Russian media reported this act named ““Лобзай мусора” (kissing garbage) was done by a famous performance group known as Voina (Russian: Война = War), Yana Sarna, the group’s photographer and editor, confirmed for Animal New York Voina had nothing to do with the action engaging young girls kissing female police officers.

Via: Say Omg

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