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  • Joseph taglieri

    you fight back stick up for your self

  • knowles

    first of all get this thing on the left out of here I use to get the crap kicked out of me by people of the other perswaytion to grammer school and back home till my mom told me don’t let them bullys do that pick up a brick stick or a rock kick there ass so I did started mt owne club the green door and we started kicking butt so because some people in europe lets your a pee in haha made some people do what they did no want to you know get into ships and stuff. which my ancestors did not have noughthing to do with it because they were in italy and england being kings and such and did not come into america untill the late 18hundreds after all that slave stuff I got my little ass kicked every  day because I was a cracker! 

  • leanna wallace

    they are wrong for getting that boy suspended!! and i bet that boy that has been bullying him haven’t got suspended once!! school’s need to learn to take more action cause it could’ve ended worse.

    • Casey supporter

      I totally agree! Shame on that school for suspending Casey. Whoever suspended him should be fired. Casey has every right to stick up for himself, especially if no one else will.

  • Amuraj

    funny as fuck

    • ghettochild


    • anonymous

      in your dreams, asswipe.

  • Doors_2010

    omg shot boii 4 standing up 2 bullies

  • andy

    this kid he thinks hes all that and he wants to fight me and i dont want to because i know kunfu so i dont want to heart him

  • kaiden

    I punched someone in the face at school because they hit me first

  • kaiden

    anyoe puches me I punch them in the

  • kaiden


  • kaiden

    once I got suspended for doing self defence