Italian Man Almost Died After Sex Game Went Wrong

Strange News — By on 2011/03/14 9:21 AM

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A man from Boscoreale, Italy, almost died after a wine bottle got stuck in his intestine following an extreme sex game that went wrong. The 38-year-old endured a two hour operation in the Maresca di Torre del Greco hospital and will be forced to poop into a bag attached to the abdomen for the next six months after the doctors had to remove part of the intestine and reconstruct his anus.

What’s worse is that the 38-year married father of two risked severe sepsis. He was in excruciating pain by the time he got to the hospital. and seemed to think he would be able to pass it out naturally.

“He was ashamed to come to the hospital because he is married and has two children”, said Roberto Palomba, chief surgeon of Maresca Hospital.

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  • Df

    I call shenanigans. I’ve heard stories of people with far worse. Normally, the doctors relax the muscles involved, reach in and extract it. More info would be nice. Why exactly did they have to reconstruct his ass? Did the bottle break? No, no, this doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • PicksAndFlicks

      This is an older story now and it is basically a translation from Italian news sources. There was no additional info at the time.