Polish Woman Stuffed 71 Balls of Heroin in Her Vagina

Strange News — By on 2011/03/14 12:49 PM
heroin balls

Image source: gazeta.pl

A young woman was arrested for smuggling narcotics at the Kostrzyn nad Odrą border crossing in Poland after the police discovered 71 balls of heroin hidden in her vagina.

23-year-old drug trafficker was returning from Germany by train when customs officers noticed she was walking funny. After a gynecological search was performed, she was busted. But I bet she was relieved. :)

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  • A-niga

    How did they find out? “Well, sorry for the inconvenience ma’am but where guna hav to check ya vagina.”

  • Newreader

    what a bullshit ! there is no control between those countries, all boundaries are fully open like traveling between states !!! 

    DAVE, you are just full of shityou should write that story and mention your mom as a trafficker