Casey Heynes Interview On A Current Affair (Video)

Pop Culture, Video — By Dave on 2011/03/21 6:16 AM

Zangief Kid

Casey Heynes, aka ‘Zangief Kid’, Australian teen who became the viral video star after fighting back against a bully by body-slamming him to the floor, gave an interview to Nine Network’s A Current Affair.

He revealed how he had snapped because everything had built up over three years, but he denied being a superhero, even though he said he has enjoyed being nicknamed ‘The Punisher’. Meanwhile, the bully says he is a victim too.

Watch the Channel 9  interview with Casey Heynes in the video below:

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  • Rick

    thanks for this!

  • Mamsingle

    what an amazing boy, a truly sad story. No-one should have to go through this EVER.

  • anonynmous

    Right you are.

  • anonynmous

    Right you are.

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