Man Lights a Match to Check for Gasoline Spill

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Just before midnight on Sunday at an intersection in the city of Zadar, Croatia, a Fiat Marea burst into flames. The driver, a 42-year old man from Zadar, panicked and fled the scene.

The man was driving with a full gas can in front of the passenger seat. He pulled over when he discovered that it had spilled due to the improvised gas cap. In order to assess the amount of spilled fuel, he decided to light a match and caught his vehicle on fire.

The real bummer about this whole story is that the idiot just bought the car, and hadn’t changed the title over to his own name.

When firemen arrived on the scene, the car was burnt completely and the genius that started the fire, was nowhere to be found. Authorities tracked him down, and it was established that he suffered only minor burns. Police representative say that no charges will be filed.

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