Father and Daughter Make a Baby Together

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Garry Ryan, 46, was tracked down by his daughter Penny Lawrence, 28, last year. She never met him because he left her mother when she was pregnant. Lawrence is now pregnant with his child and claims to be in love with her father.

Following the death of her mother and the grandparents who raised her, Ms Lawrence, became obsessed with finding her father, and tracked him down in Houston, Texas.

When they met they felt an instant physical attraction, which resulted in a sexual relationship. Penny is now pregnant with her father’s child.

They say they’re in love and deny that it’s incest. Instead they say they are victims of something called Genetic Sexual Attraction, a term coined in the 1980s to describe overwhelming feelings between blood relatives who first meet as adults. Lawrence told The Sun:

We are not committing incest, but are victims of GSA. We’ve never experienced a father-daughter relationship, so we’re just like any other strangers who meet in adulthood.

The couple said that if the three month scan of their baby shows it does not have birth defects, they plan to keep the child and raise it together.

Ryan said that he realizes that their relationship is illegal and they are afraid that they will be ordered apart by the courts. But he added:

It’s no different than if I met Penny in a bar. I’d have fallen for her as I have now. It doesn’t feel we are doing anything wrong.

So, what do you think about this? Leave your comments bellow.

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  • Passing by…

    NO NO NO!!! Whatever the excuse, they KNEW they were father and daughter. Are they somehow saying they couldn’t control their feelings then? If love leads to such a forbidden and morally wrong relationship, then it ain’t love but lust. The woman had her emotions bottled up inside as she never had a dad and was keen on finding him, and the man could probably have been wondering about the ghosts of his past, and so when they met… I don’t even wanna go there. But seriously, love has its boundaries. We are humans, capable of loving and controlling it. If you don’t control hate, for example, then you’ll destroy everything that lies on your path, including yourself in the end. The same goes to love. Keep it pure, and clean, and true, and beautiful. Don’t fall for the tricks of your ‘emotions’. How can they say it’s love and not incest? If you fall in love with the wrong person, in this case it IS incest. The lines are pretty blurred.

    But what’s done is done, I’m afraid. Think of the woman’s mother if she had been alive and come to know about this. Think of the child, the innocent soul many will label as having been ‘created from sin’. It did no wrong, of course, but I fear that it will have to pay for its parents’ mistakes one day. One way or another the past will catch up with you especially when there is living proof. Even if it is accepted into the society, what will it feel as it grows and learns and dreams and thinks? What about its children one day, and so on? People nowadays give so many excuses to make right the wrong and influence others’ mindset into accepting such ‘incidental love’, but I protest against this sort of thinking and manipulation. No matter what, once she’s given birth to the poor child, she and her father must be dealt with according to the laws. Please be fair in this, for what they did was obviously and clearly wrong but more importantly; it was something that they themselves had the ability and will to prevent and they chose not to. :(


    How sad!!! The devil is so busy! I’m praying for this father and daughter that God will cure them from this sickness and for the record (Daddy) its not love it’s lust. How can you lay beside your blood daughter and have intercourse with her and say you love her as your woman. THAT IS YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!

    • 123

      God made Adam and Eve from who we are all descended. The only way that is possible is incest. Grow up people – they aren’t harming anyone and don’t require your approval. These stories bring out the lowest element: “EWWWWW! GROSS!!! BURN THEM!!!” and other such childish nonsense. What two consenting adults decide to do is no one’s business but their own as long as they’re harming no one else.

      • SomeonefromGuam

        If you’re going to base your response on the Bible or on religious background, then incest during the time of Adam and Eve was fine because their bodies were still considered perfect, and obviously, who else were they going to reproduce with? There were no toxins creating disease or dysfunction like we have today. With time, all the bad things our ancestors put in their bodies created the breakdown of the sustainable human body. (As the Bible progresses into the last book which is Revelation, the age of man began to dwindle). However, with time it became more than just health reasons that stopped the practice of incest. Because it was traditionally practiced to abstain from incest, the health aspect took a backseat and the question of ethics and emotional and mental awareness took the steering wheel.

      • Tinabear2012

        why would you agree with that??! its wrong and everyone knows it!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFCFVP57POQZNLEGM7MPUKNPMA ruby

        your twisting GODS WORD and that is very dangerous. adam and eve generation was cut out when the flood came in only noah and couple of people survived so that means there was couples not brothers married with sister ect, we are all brothers and sisters but not blood or flesh but soul,its wrong to do this it shows but example to society leting people know its okay brother and sister to get married or father with daughter in this cases, i am no one to judge i leave that to my HEAVENLY FATHER but one think i am allowed is to righteously correct this sitatuion biblical

      • Kaukabmiki

        why they r making it public, no one is interested in those sh””””, its wrong and will stay wrong, nothing can change it. i m feeling sick now

      • Anon

        No offense, but Adam and Eve were the first man and the first woman respectively. The key word in that sentence is: first. I doubt God stopped making humans after them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1553340160 Brittany Wilkinson

      talking about the bible how bout “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. Luke 6

      • Zachansen

        what about the child who at the least if by some miracle doesn’t have a severe disability will be exposed to this thinking it’s ok to hook up with your father. Obviously she was traumatized by the death of her mom and grandparents and is clinging to her so called “father” in this weird way since it’s the only family she has had left, and he’s taking advantage of it. What makes you think he wont try to go after there child like he went after his when she’s older think about it

        • Nathan Andrew Shearer

          I don’t agree with it but I doubt he is a pedophile. Besides she is 28, not 12. I think what happened between them happens all the time but most people fight that instinct. Our inner compass says “No Way!” If you refuse something long enough… it passes and you have no regrets. Since this article is a couple years old I bet they are full of regret now.

  • Ledora Pate

    Having sex with your father is SICK!!!!!!!!!!! If you met in a bar and later found out your rlationship you should have went straight to the clinic not stopping to collect the $200, had an abortion, and never looked at each other again. You have lived a lifetime without each other you can continue to do so. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janthony

    Incest is incest. The only excusable form of it is when the two people do NOT know they are related due to separation years prior to the incident. And that’s only an excuse, not a justification. Incest is unlawful because DNA similarity causes birth defects. Plain and simple. Their child may not show any defects under ultrasound but that does not mean they are not present. Nor does that not mean the defects won’t show later in this baby’s offspring.
    There may be an unmistakeable physical attraction but adults are socially and intellectually expected to be able to rationally overcome the physical in the face of Law and Genetics!

    • techdude

      Law is stupid if it has no rational basis to it. Stop hiding behind the cover of ‘law’. It’s basically irrelevant to any argument of ethics. Ethics first, law second. And genetics? Look at the facts. It’s not that big of a risk, really. The problem for you is not these two things. If it was legal and it had no affect on the child, you would still think it was completely wrong – that’s because you are repulsed by it, simply because of your genetics and social upbringing. Two consenting adults = two consenting adults. Deal with it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3HV7ZIUBXQL4XYTCLWACBKPZOI Mandy

    Sorry, but being for homosexual marriage prevents me from making a derogatory statement concerning this relationship. They are responsible adults and they aren’t hurting anyone at all. It is nice that they have both found someone and are happy.
    Equal rights for all.

    • kb082093

      why would you agree? he used to lay and have sexual desire with her mother and now her!! It’s wrong.

      • honeybadger

        so what about if the daughter looks (and acts) just like the mother? how does a natural attraction not make sense? why do you think so many fathers are attracted to their own daughters? they are all sick and mentally deranged? everybody LOVES to quickly label people as “sick” and “wrong”. “Lock em up for life! Throw away the key!” when will society realize that every situation is not the same as the next? society loves to make scandals out of anyone, and this only fulfills that human nature desire within to intrude in other people’s personal lives. the hypocrisy is so thick it’s amazing.

    • SAMYLYNN08


      • betty cote

        i do argree with this its a shame that child will be born with a handiecap problem because of people like that .

      • techdude

        These are really bad reasons to disallow incestuous relationships.
        1. The child is actually unlikely to have a birth defect; it is very very mildly more likely than the average person – yet some couples, due to their gentic make up are destined to have kids with defects. Should we stop them from having sexual relationships?
        2. Societal pressure on the kid is a bad argument for saying something is wrong. If that were the case, then we should outlaw homosexuals, transexuals and single parents from raising children.

    • Allthatnmore2121

      How are they not hurting anyone??? They are bring a child that has no say in the matter into the world, one that has more chances of having birth defects because they are to ignorant to realize that just because they dont have memories of them as father and daughter dosnt mean they can just live together in a sexual manner. IT’S IN THEIR DNA!!!!!! Not only is it wrong but its hurting the child…physically and mentally…this world is a mean place and for their child to have to go to school with children who will find out that their dad is there grandfather and their mom is their sister. Not to mention, they DIDNT meet in a bar; THEY MEET BY HER LOOKING FOR HER DAD!!! I’ve heard of daddy issues before but this lady took it to the next level..

    • http://www.facebook.com/ashly.rios.14 Ashly Rios

      homosexals disagree being homosexaul is a natural relationship having sex with the same blood is disgusting do you ever see a father dog having sex with his daughter no i seen a male dog having sex with another male dog but NEVER with his mother that’s sick you want pedophiles next?

      • Melissa V

        what is natural about one man having anal/oral sex with another man.

    • Vikki Murrell

      This is not equal rights it is incest 4 Gods sake

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_POWXIUUJIXW35AWRLMQF7C2AZU remmubo yarg

    Best scenario:
    Baby up for adoption and 2 adults to get mental help

  • Joseph

    this is disgusting. even if you didnt have that relationship with your father….just think of you and your own father, who slept with your mother, is now having a baby with you. does that make you a mother or a sister to the child? think about it.

  • Joseph

    this is disgusting. even if you didnt have that relationship with your father….just think of you and your own father, who slept with your mother, is now having a baby with you. does that make you a mother or a sister to the child? think about it.

  • big.leigh

    its just wring on so manu levels there is some sick people out there and if anyone agrees with what they are doing use are just as bad.

  • Charlottefarman

    not harming anyone? they are creating a baby witch could have huge birth defects. do what you want. but wear a condom. no one wants a dad and grandad all in one

  • Cillasaurus

    The couple said that if the three month scan of their baby shows it does
    not have birth defects, they plan to keep the child and raise it

    seriously, they should keep it no matter what. they knew the risks of having a child with birth defects so they should raise it no matter what. or should have just had a “relationship” without bringing in a new life to make things further complicated.

    and everyone with their “god” comments, do you really thing praying for them to get “better” will do anything. obviously god has no control or wouldnt let things like this happen. pray for yourselves cause thats the only way you get comfort from “god”

  • Dinasaurs_loveesyooohh

    hahaha, you’re all basing this on the bible….. THE BIBLE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHIGN TO DO WITH THIS! this is soo wrong. ask yourself….’if you were reunited with your ‘father’ would you kiss him like you’d kiss your boyfriend?….lol, no’ you all know it’s wrong, but are denying it just cause you want them to be happy, or think it’s sahh coottttt because there inlove and they’re blood related.
    if yous think this is okay, then fuck yous aso need help…mental help. grow up and stop thinking from what’s in the bible and think from your heart, yous thinking this is okay….it obviously not coming from your heart.

    • techdude

      fifty years ago your ‘heart’ would have told you being gay was ‘sick and wrong.’ Your ‘heart’ lines up with your biological aversions and social norms – that doesn’t make it wrong at all. That’s a fucking poor argument – look in your heart, you know it :p

  • guest

    their both sick

    • Preciousmaes


    • Preciousmaes


    • Dr. Beak

      I don’t believe you know enough to even spell, let alone know whether someone you’ve never met is sick.

      • Jack Bandit

         Okay then, they’re both sick. Better?

  • Carsonbartron

    I think they know its wrong and are trying to convince themselves that its right. and i hope that department of childrens services takes that baby because it doesnt need to be with two very disturbed people. this whole situation is just foul and inappropriate. and needless to say its INCEST no matter how many ways they try to twist it. 

  • Itrouncethee

    alright i didn’t want to post any thing but the bible is a bunch of MAN MADE nonsense stories to help sheep (you believers) get along wit life.  couldn’t you look at the church systems at an earlier age as a system of control? brain wash if you will. now who would brain wash the sheep and why? is it creators (very imaginative people about 5000 years  ago) for power and greed? so what does this even mean? you believe in a higher power? or your a dumb ass that is involved in a power hungry lie designed to entangle your mind in to order. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2KF4N3G6AQDC7CPD3O7MNZUOMM leroyred

    What is really sad is the child will get more harm from society then from the parents, because of the taboo. I was a weird child growing up, when I had a interest I did deep research. I during puberty had what is known as Oedipus complex. I did out grow it as most boys who have it do, but I did research on the subject because it interested me at that time. As long as incest is between two consenting adults I do not see a problem, however, I think incest involving a child the parent should be drawn and quartered. Oh and forget all the so call “proof” it all biased both by the researcher and the material they have. Most incest you will never hear about because of the taboo nature, so the adults know to keep it hidden and i would say about 99% of all the stuff you see is when something bad happens which of course skews results. What I learned is that, “us”, society is what going to make that child’s life a living hell if remains with the parents. Just simply because of the stigma it carries. I would say like being gay but this is a deeper taboo. I can’t say of the parents, I don’t know them. Might be good might not. Of course the other thing is that I don’t try to judge them because if I am really honest I would say about 90% of the human population I don’t think should have children or be parents. I can be pretty cold blooded, and detached. I tend to look at really why something is wrong than to be told. I rule out gross, or personal distaste or even like.
    Really based off of what this article tells me, the only reason I see so far for the child to be removed is because of ‘us” society. We will not make that childs life easy just because of the parents.

    • honeybadger

      leryored. very interesting perspective here. you touch on something that so many people miss. the hurt.. the so called “pain” (psychological) will come almost completely from the very society that claims to be distraught by it. it’s like an oxymoron. they create the monster they despise. however, if the child does have an actual physical deformation… that is a whole different story. For this reason, and the risk attached to it, I believe it is a bad idea for 1st level relatives (father/daughter, brother/sister, mother/son) to ever have children together. what they do with in their private time is nobody’s business but their own, but when you introduce a pregnancy, the game changes. the potential risk is very unfair.

  • Preciousmaes

    This is quite disturbing..was the dad there at the birth of his daughter. Cause if so it makes everything 10 times worse, which I don’t think its possible. There are billions of people out there I’m sure you could find a connection to instead of your daughter. This iss discusting and I don’t care if people say ” oh who cares there adults and there not harming anyone” you guys are wrong and they are hurting there soon to be child.. the people who say that think of your dad having intercourse with you! Its freaking discusting..get some common sense ya sick freaks

  • Preciousmaes

    This is quite disturbing..was the dad there at the birth of his daughter. Cause if so it makes everything 10 times worse, which I don’t think its possible. There are billions of people out there I’m sure you could find a connection to instead of your daughter. This iss discusting and I don’t care if people say ” oh who cares there adults and there not harming anyone” you guys are wrong and they are hurting there soon to be child.. the people who say that think of your dad having intercourse with you! Its freaking discusting..get some common sense ya sick freaks

  • Ben_72393

    Its funny how alot of people immediately say its wrong because it concerns a father and daughter relationship but when a guy fucks some girl and her mom in a 3 way the fuckers a champ, societys fucked and this typical relationship may seem strange or distastful, but back in medieval times you couldn’t really marry outside the family, I mean come on I know incest doesn’t sound right but who the fuck are we to judge right?

  • Libery201213

    If they are consenting adults, why should the government imposed laws on them?  That argument has often been used to justify gay issues: “marry anyone you want.” Afterall, their relationship is between man and woman.

  • Boxseashell

    Thats just sick

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SFK5JHRJRALBWN3REDAJKPQ3E Ashley Spina

    This Is Gross Imagen you did that with your faer how would you do that you nasty little people!!

  • Danielle Graziano

    I get that they never met or had a father-daughter relationship, but it’s still a bit weird.  But you can’t stop love, I guess. I mean, love is still love. So let them be. Let them be happy, ya know?

  • Flowersstefanie

    Number one if that kid is okay who to say you have a boy and the later a girl. And this boy and girl see that my grandpa and my sister are heaving sex we want to do this too I find the vary vary sick I just got to meet my dad for the first time at age 12 and to think of u to makes me fucken sick grow up bitch u really need higher self estranged people like u make the USA look sick I bet u for raped when u where t
    Younger I can’t see any other reason for this shit

  • Yoyo

    what next gonna have sex with the next child? sickens me they should be shot

  • Cluke92


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VOPUEHOVPNNFSWGQF4VNKPBM4U DB

    Wow. That’s all I can say without cursing. Just wow. 

  • Grace

    Dafuq’ did I just read?

  • Yourmom

    Sick & wrong.

  • Bekah

    I really hope they don’t abort the child if he or she has birth defects. It’s not the baby’s fault. Things like that happen.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NDWQPBCUQFWNR3WHVLPRX7QCBU Janise

    That happen’s here in South Towanda all the time, I’m my father’s child.

    • tirsha

      You are your father’s child? YOU DON’T SAY!

  • melissa

    its the kid that will suffer :/

  • Doctor Beak

    It’s rare enough not to set a precedent in society, making us turn into a nation of deformed monsters, so let them get on with it.  It is GSA which means that had they known each other since she was born, it wouldn’t have occurred.  Therefore, this relationship should be left alone for them to explore.  You only get one life, so don’t waste it being upset by two people who are in love… and the same goes for them.  It is not going to cause any harm.

    • Allthatnmore2121

      except to the child.

  • Malicious Feather

    … if you open your eyes wide open ul see  dat a fathers love to a daughter is different from a boyfriend love.. duhh! and please.. STOP BEING A LIL TOO DRAMATIC O SELFISH AND think about the baby you are going to have… how humiliated he/she can be… because of his/her parents.. well… will the guy be the babys grand father o his fatheR? anyways… they both in love isnt something to be proud of.. its actually a shame… 

  • Tamarigradney

    Whoever out there that think its ok is freakn retarded! No man should have sexual desire for a child that he has made because its lust not love. It is sick

  • Rosamdelgado3

    Those r two nasty, disgusting ppl… she doesnt deserve to b a mother if she doesnt realize what she is doing is wrong… little alone the father should no this is wrong… bringing a child into this world that more then likely is gonna have birth defects… and she/he has to live like that for the rest of there lives bcuz there parents weren’t thinking…. stupid!!!

  • Allthatnmore2121

    This is sick.
    A man should not be a husband to his daughter, nor a dad to his grandchild. A woman should not be a wife to her father, nor a sister to her daughter.

    I know they are not married but I’m sure thats only the next step..This is wrong on every level.

  • ihatepenny

    until he says that they arent father and daughter

  • Caitlynrmeador

    I feel sorry for the unborn child. How could you bring a innocent life into the world like this…..

  • Sassy56

    GSA is just an excuse for incest.  This is disgusting to say the least.  The man walked out on her mother when her mother was expecting her, what makes her think he’s going to stick around for this one?  I can understand her wanting a relationship with her father after losing her mother and grandparents, but, there is no changing the fact that he is her father.  IMO there was a bit of brainwashing going on.  He claims it’s not any different than had he met her in a bar.  I beg to differ!  Had they met in a bar and not know of the father/daughter facts and had sex would be one thing and should be ended upon finding out the truth.  But her tracking him down and they knew the facts makes it totally disgusting.  There is never any excuse for an incestuous relationship, no matter if there never was a father/daughter, brother/sister mother/son relationship from the start. 

  • Free2flip

    wow. this is definitely disturbing, BUT i do see where they are coming from because what if they had met somewhere without knowing of their relationship…. Makes ya think doesnt it?

  • Joe

    Wow, thats just wrong!!!

  • Wedset

    In my opinion, that’s just wrong, It’s your own child for Allah’s sake! I do wish them the best with their relationship. But I’m more concerned for the child that’s being brought into this!

  • honeybadger

    Folks incest happens far more often then some want to believe. It’s just that most of the time you don’t know about it. Do you think that of the millions and millions of people throughout history that have intentionally dabbled in incestuous relationships, that ALL of them are sick and deranged, just by chance? haha. it’s almost comical. I suppose that’s a convenient way to deal with the idea though… to place a label. But I’ll bet every single person commenting here has several close friends (and perhaps family) that they hang out with on a regular basis and are some of their most favorite people in the world that have had thoughts and feelings of incest and/or had incestuous relationships. And they would NEVER guess it, and even be shocked by finding out. Well… the statistics are staggering when probed for with complete privacy. thousands and thousands of people are having these types of relationships right now as I type this. They are all mentally sick and fooling everyone around them for years and years? Okey dokey then. Carry on in denial if you insist and cast the first stone. One person’s dark secrets may be different from another’s, but still yet, everyone’s got ‘em. I suppose everyone ought to be locked up for life then.

  • i wonder

    So will the baby call the dad granddad? and call the mother sister too?? -_____-

  • Anonymous

    This is wrong on so many levels. I can see why the world is so deranged today. “if it feels good do it” What ever happened to integrity, having a moral conscience, hell … common sense? I know a girl that slept with her father, it’s called sexual abuse, he’s in jail! Daddy’s don’t sleep with their own daughter’s at any age, lost of time, or distance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashly.rios.14 Ashly Rios

    oh okay so it’s okay to have sex with your daughter but its not okay to have sex with a 13 year old? other people disagree some say its natural to be a man that has a fetish for 13 year olds because it’s just like being gay plus teens have right to hook up with an older male say its not okay to have incest? and others say i agree on both and some of you are not getting any ideas on what Im saying many people say oh no lets fuck 13 year olds others say Im in love with Sister and more sicker people say i wanna fuck my 13 year old daughter does anyone find all of this sick pedophiles want right incest people want rights sibling child abusers are next so are child molesters does anyone not find all of this SICK!!!! but me?!?!

  • liky

    that is justwrong

  • liky

    it is just wrong

  • keely

    UMMM sorry, but if you have the same blood running through your veins that is incest. That is not cute or cool. SORRY.

  • keely

    UMMM sorry, but if you have the same blood running through your veins that is incest. That is not cute or cool. SORRY.

  • sand

    I know this same thing happened to someone else a couple of years ago. The father showered his daughter with gifts then he stared getting obssesed with her. Trying to keep her in the house and not letting her have a life. She became so miserable she ran away. She is going throug tough time and says she is going to have him locked up for his crime.

  • Daisy

    There’s a lot of dad’s and daughters that have a physical attraction toward each other. Which can lead to a sexual relationship. Weird things happen in life. But whose to say weather it’s right or wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anna.tiwari.3 Anna Tiwari

    i think its gross, but honestly they can do whatever the hell they want. love is love

  • techdude

    There is nothing wrong with incest, other than that at the moment the societal stigma around it can cause problems, and that if it was a commonplace practice it could place strain on the familial structure (which may be a good thing, IMO). In the future, incest will be just as acceptable as homosexuality. The risk of birth defects is very low and much lower than some consenting adults who have a much higher chance of producing offspring with defects, and yet there are no laws against such people having children (eg, two people that are carriers of harlequin’s disease, who have a 50% of giving it to their kids, but are still, by law allowed to do so). If incest became hugely common then it would become a genetic problem, but I doubt that will happen. Our fear of this extends to the very small minority of individual cases, and THAT is sick and depraved thinking – much like how people treated homosexuals fifty years ago (and some still continue to today).

  • jadecobb

    I just vomited. this is the reason the human race does not progress in evolution any more.

  • EmMinks

    They are blood related. Its okay for people of the same sex to be in love… but having sex with your family is disgusting. It is not like other relationships. Is it ok for fucking 25 year olds having sex with 9 year olds? Love is love right?? Fucking wrong.
    My opinion. Not society making me think that way.

  • rayray

    I went to high school with a girl, adopted, and did not know her parents. At our 40 H.S. reunion, I met her husband. At our 45th, we learned just last year they found out they were not only brother and sister, but TWINS!

  • rayray

    I went to high school with a girl, adopted, and did not know her parents. At our 40 H.S. reunion, I met her husband. At our 45th, we learned just last year they found out they were not only brother and sister, but TWINS!


    This is so disturbing. I mean, ya sure everyone deserves equal rights and all but……common. Their has to be a point where it stops and this is taking it to far. Oh well I guess we all know where the world is going.

  • kaye

    the fuck did i just read?

  • Stephen Anthony Daniels

    One thing just because their having a kid together does not mean the kid is going to have birth defects. It increase the chances. But, u can not say that their going to. Be retarded or anything.

  • Stephen Anthony Daniels

    As far as the daughter, it’s normal for her to have sexual thought when she see her dad for the first time at an older age. But I believe it’s wrong to have sex with ur parent. As far as the dad goes he probably had sex with under age girls and just don’t care. I would say he made the first move.

  • Stephen Anthony Daniels

    For the bible people. Learn the bible before saying something u don’t know. They r 2 places in the first book of the bible about god creating people. One of them state he create man and woman then he create male and female. He told the male and female to multiply before he curse eve and women. The curse was where she would bare children. If u think their the same people explain the different races. Tower of babble he chance the languages not races. If u believe different tell me the chapter and verse.

  • James Sandoval

    evils do exists, they are just obeying the commandments.

  • manonrun

    who made anyone here God?