Man Takes Birth Control Pills to Cure Baldness, Grows Breasts

Strange News — By on 2011/03/31 7:09 PM

bald man with painted hair

A man from Hong Kong worried about premature hair loss resorted to some extreme measures in the hopes of halting his receding hairline – by taking female contraceptive pills and hormones.

After he read online that hair loss is caused by male hormones, the 28-year-old man foolishly  believed that sneaking his wife’s contraceptive pills and later adding some female hormones into the mix would terminate his shed.

Instead, however, he’s found himself in a frightfully embarrassing state: growing breasts and undergoing some feminine vocal changes.

He’s since stopped taking the pills and is undergoing medical treatment for his androgynous transformation.

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    How embarrassing indeed. He could have tried a doctor that seems to care about men’s hair loss, and understands the emotional devastation it causes.

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    This is truly an amazing post. It is just so unique and I just love the concept.

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    Today hair fall is a big problem before us.There should be proper care and knowledge.The above trick is nice one.I will share it to my Facebook friends.
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    This man really experiencing hair loss problem/ It’s important to him to use a hair loss treatment. Thank you for posting.

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    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!. :)

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    Its really weird story… Whats the shit he wants…lol….

  • Anonymous

    It is nice that scientists are working on a hormoneless male birthcontrol pill which removes a specific kind of protein that the sperm cells need to work properly – meaning that it wont have any effects other than not fertelizing the eggs. @NICOLE:)

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  • Brian Katcher

    I call BS. The amount of estrogen in those pills is tiny, and no amount of estrogen can change a man’s voice.

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