Meet Cindy Jackson, Plastic Surgery World Record Holder (Video)

OMG — By on 2011/04/09 6:28 AM

Cindy Jackson, the 55-year-old Ohio woman, holds the Guiness World Record for the most number of plastic surgeries. So far has had 52 procedures worth more than $100,000. Facelifts, liposuction, eye corrections, botox, you name it.

“For me, it was just to look better. I didn’t set out to break, to set a world record, it was never my ambition, it’s just that I had so much done,” she said.

Jackson grew up in small town Ohio, with a short-tempered father and low self-esteem. In a portrait done by ABC News, she remembered how the other kids used to tease her when she was young.

“One guy said when I was 14, ‘You know Cindy, when you smile, from the side your nose and chin almost meet’. It was like being in the wrong body and wrong face and I felt that very much and wanted to change it”, Jackson explained how it all began.

Now she believes that people in middle years – their 40s, 50s and 60s – are being “redefined” by this generation and that they don’t have to look like our parents.

“I feel like a young spirit and I don’t want to look in the mirror and see and old face.”

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  • Alice

    No one could do a lot better than her plastic surgery….

  • Katie Hallison

    “Everybody’s different.” What a nice quote from her. Her story can inspire many people. Everything she said is right. Plastic surgery really needs to be a “slow process.” I think she’s doing it perfectly! If she’s not famous, I don’t think anyone would notice that she had undergone 52 procedures already. She’s a strong woman though. Some probably admire her tough personality. She doesn’t let criticisms get in her way.

  • Emma David

    I guess the person known as “Human Ken Doll” holds the record for the most number of plastic surgeries, he went through 90-100 procedures to become ideal beauty.