Plane Hits Minivan Carrying Toddlers in New Orleans

Strange News — By on 2011/04/18 1:12 PM
piper plane crash site

Screenshot Youtube/tburke504

A small plane made an emergency landing on a busy street in New Orleans and struck a van carrying three women and two children.

Police say 60-year-old pilot Houston Hunter was flying over Lake Ponchartrain to drop off his grandson when his single-engine Piper suffered mechanical trouble and had to make an emergency landing along West End Blvd. at Harrison Ave. in New Orleans.

He dodged power lines, but wasn’t able to avoid the mini-van. Both vehicles sustained major damage but neither the family in the van nor the pilot suffered serious injuries.


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  • Pete Zaitcev

    I am glad nobody was hurt (at least not seriously). It goes to show that those little airplanes are not so bad. It’s not like when an airliner flies into a highrise.