Aliens to Attend Royal Wedding? UFO Spotted Hovering Over Westminster Abbey (Video)

X-files — By on 2011/04/28 3:54 AM

Will aliens attend royal wedding too? According to George Filer, a retired Air Force major who runs the National UFO Center, Prince William and Kate Middleton should definitely expect them since it is common to see UFO’s monitoring important events on Earth.

Filer told AOL News that British Royal Air Force pilots reported seeing several UFO’s over the English Channel in the last few weeks and now a footage of unknown flying object hovering over Britain’s Westminster Abbey, the venue of the Prince William-Kate Middleton royal wedding, emerged.

“19.03.2011 – While visiting London with our family, my daughter spotted a small white ‘thing’ across London sky. We are standing with our back to Tower of ‘Big Ben’. First we thought it was a parachute, but it was way to high up in the sky. As i zoomed in it looked like a cloud that changed shape. It stayed there for at least about 30 minutes. As the rest of the family wanted to proceed with the tour, i was not able to check how long it stayed there during the day. I lost sight of it,” stated YouTube user who published the video.

The wedding ceremony takes place in the UK at 11am BST, but TV coverage will start much earlier with Kate Middleton’s procession along the Royal Wedding route.

Middleton will start at either Buckingham Palace, Clarance House or St. James’s Palace, and then travel down The Mall, through Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, and Parliament Square to Westminster Abbey.

After the ceremoney, the newlywed couple will come back to Buckingham Palace for a reception held by the Queen, and they will use the same route.

If you’ll be there, let us know if you film anything unusual.

Via: The Sun

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    This is fun to read. I can’t imagine an alien attending a wedding. Funny how people always look for things flying in the sky and tell it is a UFO. Surely unidentified since no one knows what it is but for sure it is not something from other planet. I can see it is hovering over Westminster Abbey where the Royal wedding venue was held but it is not any alien.

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    Oh well its amazing to have an alien on a wedding ceremony. What they want show by doing this??