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Hungarian rapper

Hungarian rapper going by the name of Johnny Gold impressing all the girls with his Tarzan routine on the streets of Budapest. You can actually see the horror in their eyes as they walk by him. I have no idea what he is rapping about, but the visual experience is pretty bad. Bear in mind that this is the censored version of his song ‘Minden Jó Velem’ ( All good with me ?). If you can stomach it, there is a NSFW video here.

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  • 12345

    this is actually a parody of the hungarian pop music business. the lyrics (translated):

    Aha, ha Aha, ha Johnny Gold is here [this is good news] Come on I’m Johnny G to the O to the L to the D I love you! [the knot in your stomach is always tightening] [when my silhouette appears behind] [and when i reach you] [you will be warmed up by your boiling blood] [I know it's good with me], yeah [because you need no one else], baby [everything is nice with me] [everything is good with me] [you would like to touch my hand once] [but no!] [when you're with me, baby, don't look at the clock, i say] let’s go [you say] all right [on week "A": boys] [on week "B": girls] [I'm not choosy] [everybody is welcome] [but I only sleep with girls] [if you don't mind] [refrain] You don’t what I mean I know what do you need I want the touch my body Love me on …every day!

    Aha, ha Aha, ha Johnny Gold is here Ez a jó hír Come on I’m Johnny G
    to the O to the L to the D I love you! A gyomrod mindig görcsbe rándul
    Ha a sziluettem feltűnik hátul És ha majd a közeledbe érek Megmelegít,
    ahogy forr a véred Tudom, jó velem, yeah

  • 12345

    also, Johnny Gold is a parody of renaming hungarian pop singers with english names. it literally translates to “Arany Jancsi”, diminutive version of the great hungarian poet János Arany.

  • Mcsr
  • Árpád Tóth

    Here’s an english version of the song:

  • Rapppowa

    lol wtf… nice … the best hungarian rapers are doing like this… from killakikitt…