Cat Showers in Bathroom Sink (Video)

AWWW, LOL, WTF — By on 2011/05/23 8:33 AM

For some reason this cat really enjoys taking a shower in the bathroom sink.

And this is what it usually looks like:

cat jumps in and out of bathtub

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  • small bathtubs

    My name is Brett. This cat is enjoying the bath.  I too have a cat that enjoys her time playing in the bathtub.. :))) Love to see her play!!!

  • plumbing

    That so cute! I wonder if my cat could be like that one too. I want her to enjoy her bath time too.

  • B. Aitke

    Good Share..!!!!
    I also have a cat but she don’t like water. To make her shower is toughest work for me. Love this share…!!! Wish that my cat also love water and bathing.

  • plumbing

    This is really cool. I have a cat and maybe you wont believe it but sometimes I take her on a shower and she doesn’t mind. 

  • Chase Conely

    I think there are some breeds of cat that like water. I’ve read that before, but I couldn’t remember what breed exactly. Anyway, if you have a cat like this in your home, then you would prolly have a hard time waiting for it to finish taking a bath. Make sure you enter the bathroom first, haha!

  • tercüme bürosu

    Cool and funny. My friend is also washing her cat in the sink :)

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