Naked Passenger Disrupts Iberia Flight from Spain to Germany

Strange News — By on 2011/06/11 11:48 PM


A German passenger stripped naked mid-flight, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around so he could be removed. The Iberia flight from Madrid was bound for Frankfurt.

On board staff was unable to get the man to cooperate with their requests, he eventually became aggressive and then locked himself in a lavatory.

Once landed, the police boarded and took the man off the plane. A spokesperson from the airline said that the airline “has no idea why the unidentified man decided to do what he did”.

In police custody the passenger co-operated and he was not arrested, said police spokesman Angel Blanco.

The Iberia pilot filed a complaint saying the passenger refused to obey crew instructions to sit down during the flight and then started shouting. But the complaint did not mention him stripping naked.

Police said the man was not drunk and they had no explanation for his behaviour.

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