Diver Almost Swallowed by Whale Shark (Picture Gallery)

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Diver Almost Swallowed by Whale Shark

Photo: Mauricio Handler/handlerphoto.com

A diver has almost been swallowed by a giant whale shark during a feeding frenzy near Isla Mujeres, Mexico, where more than 600 of 40-foot long whale sharks converged to feed on tuna spawn.

Photographer Mauricio Handler captured this amazing moment when a diver got too close and almost got swallowed by whale shark’s giant mouth.

“They don’t have very good eyesight but the diver managed to get out of the way. If he had have been sucked into the massive mouth the shark would have just spat him out,” Handler said to Daily Mail.

The whale shark is the world’s largest fish and have mouths which measure up to 4.9 feet wide and contain 350 rows of teeth. Despite this, they are very docile creatures, feed on plankton and pose no danger to divers. Unless they get in the way of their mouths while they are feeding, of course.

Whale Shark and Diver

Photo: Mauricio Handler/handlerphoto.com

Whale Shark and divers

Photo: Mauricio Handler/handlerphoto.com

whale shark

Photo: Mauricio Handler/handlerphoto.com

whale sharks mexico

Photo: Mauricio Handler/handlerphoto.com

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  • Jaki_2@cox.net

    wow!thats sooooooo cool i love sea animals and so far im loving them more and i have a report for school and i chose this that is an amazing story to tell to my class when we present it .you were probly scared and amazed at the same time.

  • http://www.LakbayDiva.com/ Lakbay Diva

    HA! that’s scary if I get sucked into the whaleshark’s mouth! the juveniles are playful creatures, sometimes they nudge snorkelers :D