Cowardly Flying Kick to the Neck at Brazilian Youth Match (Video)

Odd Ball, OMG — By on 2011/07/26 4:37 AM

Goalkeeper Gustavo, Sport

In the 3rd round of ‘Taça Belo Horizonte de Juniores‘, a U-20 cup competition in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Vasco da Gama played Sport Club Recife in Barão de Cocais, a mining town 58 miles from Belo Horizonte, Monday afternoon.

At the end of the match, after a minor quarrel among players sparked by a tackle on Vasco da Gama player Romario, Sport Recife’s goalkeeper Gustavo delivered a brutal flying kick to the neck of Vasco da Gama’s player Elivelton.

Elivelton was taken to the nearby hospital with suspected cervical spine trauma, but an X-ray exam ruled out a broken neck. As for the 18-year-old Gustavo, he was already sacked by his club and is no longer the goalkeeper of Sport Club Recife.

Vasco won the match with 3-1, but no one was in the mood to celebrate.

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