Fox 5 News Live Broadcast Fail (Video)

LOL — By on 2011/07/28 3:18 AM

Oh, we are on air? I didn’t know that, I just work here.


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  • Minnie_me_1993

    Its funny how you all can vote a person who has done cocaine, marijauna, alcohol, and got arrested for DUI become president. Then we get a Black man as president and want to say that he screwed up the economy. NEWS FLASH the economy was already jacked up from Bush and his false allegations. Then on top of that you all don’t even address him as President Obama. You all address him as Mr. Obama. He’s the President. Just like you all addressed everybody else who was president as president whoever. You need to do the same with him. Another thing the congress has something to do with the economy the way it is too. Maybe if they stop pocketing money. Maybe the United States will have some money. All that money Bush had spent on war. For somebody to say that education is important you sure don’t act like it..

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