How to Avoid Paying for Your Train Ticket (Video)

LOL, WTF — By Dave on 2011/08/24 9:28 PM

transformer suitcase

Some Dutch dude named Daniel finds a creative, but somewhat dangerous way to avoid paying  for your train ticket in the form of a transformer suitcase.

All in the name of science and fun, of course, because they(him and Irina) did pay for their train tickets before Daniel decided to play hide and seek with the conductor.


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  • Irinaversteeg

    Why does everyone think it’s a guy thing? It clearly states Daniel & Irina at the end, the last one would be me, and I’m a girl. Yes, we can do this shit, too :). But awesome idea!

  • PicksAndFlicks

    To be perfectly honest I didn’t watch the video all the way til the very
    end. :) I’ve changed that bit now. Thanks, Irina, and nice job on the

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