Teen Almost Killed Playing Chicken with Train (Video)

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Teen Almost Killed Playing Chicken with Train

An Australian teenager played chicken with a high-speed train in Adelaide and was almost killed.

Disturbing security camera footage, recorded at Mawson Lakes station and from inside the train, shows the teen running across tracks an diving across the path of a Gawler-bound express train, which clips him as he scrambles on to the platform.

Half a second later, the train would have smashed in to him, as a second camera attached to one of the carriages reveals.

The dramatic video was released by Transport South Australia in the hope that it will deter others from taking chances with trains.

The Parafield Gardens youth, 17, who was lucky to escape with only a broken ankle, was convicted in the Elizabeth Youth Court last week of stopping a train in motion without a reasonable excuse.

He was ordered by the magistrate to undertake a community service order, write a letter of apology to the driver and pay the prosecution costs.

The driver is still too upset to speak about the incident, but yesterday a colleague asked the public to take a minute and see things from their point of view. She said people didn’t realize that it takes hundreds of meters to stop a fast-moving train.

“We can’t be sure if we’ve hit them or not, we can only wait to see if they come out from the side. That’s a horrible feeling, not knowing,” she said. “You might have visions of it for days afterwards, sleepless nights, it is very stressful.”

The incident, in April, stopped peak-hour services for more than two hours while it was investigated.

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