Hamsters Are Back in the New Kia Soul Ad (Video)

Pop Culture, Video — By on 2011/08/26 8:17 PM

Kia's hamsters

Kia’s hamsters are making a comeback in the new ad for the 2012 Kia Soul. First they drove. Then they rapped. Now they’re dancing. Watch the hamsters shuffle to LMFAO’s hit ‘Party Rock Anthem‘ in the commercial titled Share Some Soul:

via Carscoop

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  • http://www.automaxxcalgary.com/index.htm Angelica Emmanuel

    Did the music end the war, or was it the hamsters? Haha! No… The car did because it was the one that brought them to the field. Hehe… I kinda liked how the robots danced, though. This will always be one of the coolest car ads ever!