Drunk Moose Rescued from Apple Tree in Sweden (Photo + Video)

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Moose Stuck on Tree

Photo: Gustav Johansson/gp.se

A drunk Swedish moose had to be rescued from a tree after it got wasted on fermented apples, south of Gothenburg. The animal got stuck when it attempted to climb the tree in search of more fruit. It was discovered by a local man,  Per Johansson of Särö, when he returned home from work.

Moose Stuck on Tree

Photo: Gustav Johansson/gp.se

Rescuers managed to free the moose the same night, after which the drunk animal laid on the ground overnight before finally getting up the next morning and wandering off with a hangover.

Moose Stuck on Tree

Photo: Gustav Johansson/gp.se

Watch how the moose got up in this Swedish news clip:

Sweden is one of the last European countries the moose is native to and residents often see the creatures venturing from their forest habitats.

Animals can get drunk when they eat rotten fruit that has fallen from trees. The fruit ferments and becomes alcoholic.

The story reminds me of this old clip:

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Johnson/100002022126675 Maria Johnson

    OMG a drunken moose stuck in a tree, after eating fermented apples!  Only in Sweden!

  • Jack Bybee

    Actually… it’s not that uncommon. The elephants of Angola, did/still do wander south into Namibia and South Africa, into the Etosha Pan, to eat the marula(?) fruit  … on their way back, they get absolutely plastered, as the fruit starts to ferment in their stomachs.

    The apartheid regime tried putting up a fence to keep Freedom fighters out… problem, elephants wanted their Saturday night out… and trampled the fence down regularly.

  • Djwiseguy


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  • Eva

    This is common in Sweden. In our garden it is often the deer that eat the fermented fallen fruit. They swayed away back in the woods. Moose is a bit scary, when they can come out to the roads and traffic.
    Eva Johansson (Sweden)