RC Car Cattle Herding (Video)

LOL — By on 2011/09/17 11:13 AM

RC Car Cattle Herding

Herding cattle is hard work, as cows don’t always listen to cowboys. But it looks like an easy job for a remote controlled Traxxas Summit car truck.

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  • nitrorcx coupons

    This is really funny video and this remote control RC car know how to control the cow’s. Really amazing RC car video I ever watched.

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    What a video.Its awesome.

  • http://www.rayskillmanchevrolet.com/section/secondary/oil-change/ Tyra Shortino

    LOL, the cows are hilarious! Ranchers should use RC cars to round up their cattle. That way, they wouldn’t have a hard time herding them around.

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  • http://www.autoplanetusedcars.com/chevrolet-pickering-oshawa-dealership.htm Patrick Gauer

    I agree with Tyra! Haha, it would be better that way… But ranchers should master how to use RCs first before they use them in herding. They wouldn’t wanna hurt their beloved animals after all.  :D

  • http://www.buyforlessonline.co.uk/Playmobil/Airport/ Playmobil Airport

    So hilarious. RC car used as cattle herding I never thought it can be used that way.