Little Girl’s Reaction after Cleft Lip Surgery (Video)

AWWW, OMG — By on 2011/09/19 2:58 PM

Brazilian Girl’s Reaction after Cleft Lip Operation

Watch the joy in a little Brazilian girl’s eyes when she sees her face for the first time after undergoing cleft lip surgery. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face too!

via The Daily What

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  • Slkfjslf

    removed video for copyright laws, nice world we live in

    • PicksAndFlicks

      looks like EMI blocked it, I’ve included a Liveleak version that doesn’t have that problem

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t smile, I cried, it was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Good luck to this little girl, and greetings to her parents. An typical, English family.

  • JT

    Now SHE understands she is beautiful. Best wishes.

  • Shelly Talbot

    So totally beautiful I am so glad she was made to feel beautiful even though she already was.

  • Alec Cunningham

    She looks identical to my grand daughter jennifer anne. .
    when i took her to get her nose “lilfted” she told every one she was getting a nose job. jennifer is from the philippines. interesting, i have it, her dad has it and now jen. no one else in my family has it. the little girl looks so cute. wonder if she had a cleft palate like we did. i wish her and her family all the best in life.