Carlsberg Bikers Ad (Video)

LOL — By Dave on 2011/09/23 5:35 PM

Carlsberg Bikers Prank

For their new commercial Carlsberg pulled a stunt on several unsuspecting couples going to a movie theater. They filled a Belgian cinema with the baddest looking bikers, and left only two seats in the middle empty. Their reactions were priceless…

via The Daily What

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  • Jack Davis

    Well done!  Love it!

  • foodiegirl

    Very cool indeed.

  • Margaret E Sura-Baxley

    I would go in and sit down!

  • Scoot

    that’ was real cool…i dug it…

  • Jessy Taggart Kim

    Best Commercial EVER!

  • Nunalove1

    What is it ?

  • Silly_boy

    margaret, of course, you would!! Your big dream is to be gang banged by a theatre full of bikers!!

  • John Craster

    Bad arsed people

  • Anonymous

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  • barbarian

    That is really cool. I love it.

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