Fanny Chmelar Cracks Up Bradley Walsh on ITV’s The Chase (Video)

LOL, Pop Culture — By on 2011/10/17 7:23 PM

Fanny Chmelar Cracks Up Bradley Walsh on ITV's The Chase

British TV host Bradley Walsh couldn’t stop laughing during the Fanny Chmelar question on ITV’s quiz show The Chase. Fanny Chmelar is a German alpine skier, but it seems that her name has a very naughty meaning in British English…


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  • Martine Roche

    had tears running down my face with laughter :))))

  • Jim

    Fanny Smeller

  • Frankie

    Hope no one calls me Fanny Anne again, just reminds me of this he he he LOL


  • Lucku

    Well,,,, “Chmelar” comes from czech language and it’s being red very differerently in czech. First “Ch” is standalone letter in czech lang. (e.g. like “chimera”  in latin or greek). The second… it do not end with pure “r”, but “ř”. Ř then sounds like nothing you heard before. Meaning of the word “Chmelař” is simply “hop-grower” or “hop-dealer” :)

  • James Dockree

    Swimming? Should of been muff diving!!

  • Graham

    One of the sports should have been Ping Pong