Stacie Crimm Dies to Save Her Unborn Baby Daughter (Video)

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Stacie Crimm Dies to Save Her Unborn Baby Daughter

Newly-pregnant Stacie Crimm made the ultimate sacrifice – and she got her dying wish. After she was diagnosed with neck cancer, the 41-year-old Oklahoma mom decided to refuse chemotherapy so her unborn baby daughter could live instead.

The heroic mom survived for five months before she delivered her daughter, Dottie Mae, and even managed to hold her on one occasion before succumbing to the disease three days later.

Crimm, of Ryan, Okla., “laughed and cried all at once” when she discovered in March that she was pregnant, because she had been told she would never be able to have children, her brother Ray Phillips told

The expectant mom sent more than 150 text messages to her brother in the months that followed, many of which detailed her severe headaches and double vision.

“I’m worried about this baby,” Crimm wrote.

“I hope I live long enough to have this baby,” read another message. “Bubba, if anything happens to me, you take this child,” the single mom wrote.

Months later, in July, a CT scan revealed Crimm had head and neck cancer. Phillips told the website his sister “agonized only for a while” before deciding against taking potentially life-saving chemotherapy in hopes that she would deliver a healthy baby.

After collapsing in her home in mid-August, doctors said the invasive tumor has begun wrapping itself around Crimm’s brain stem. The baby’s heart rate began to plummet and Crimm’s heart stopped 90 minutes later. Doctors rushed to resuscitate Crimm and decided it was best to deliver the 2-pound, 1-ounce Dottie May by cesarean section.

Stacie Crimm Dies to Save Her Unborn Baby Daughter

Crimm’s condition briefly improved, but she often fell unconscious and was unable to sign the child’s birth certificate. Since she had not identified the baby’s father, Phillips gained guardianship of the girl.

Crimm was once again resuscitated on Sept. 8 and had her first chance to hold Dottie Mae as nurses and doctors in protective gear looked on. Three days later, Crimm died.

Last week, Phillips fulfilled his promise to his sister by taking home a healthy 5-pound girl to live with his wife and the girl’s four new siblings.

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  • Surprise

    Forgive me for bringing this up, but Stacie Crimm was a single mom, right? The article states “Crimm, of Ryan, Okla., “laughed and cried all at once” when she discovered in March that she was pregnant, because she had been told she would never be able to have children.” So, it sounds like she had made an intentional decision to become pregnant at 41. Where is the father in this tale of supreme sacrifice? Did he know that Crim was pregnant? Did he care? Was he a casual sex partner, or her partner in a long term committed relationship? Had Crim decided to undergo in vitro fertilization?

    If the father had learned that Crim’s baby needed a parent, would he have wanted to step up to the plate? It’s odd that none of the articles about this story address the father angle.

    Crim made the right choice. From the article, it appeared that her cancer was particularly virulent, and resistant to treatment. Plus, she knew that her brother’s family would take care of the baby.

    But, what if she had a reasonable chance of survival with treatment? Or, if she had no-one to care for the child, and there was a good chance it would end up in foster care? After all, today there are 107,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted ranging in age from less than a year old to 21: the majority of these children are caucasian like Crim’s little girl.

    What if Crim had a husband and two other children at home, people that need her desparately?

    All I can say is thank God Crim had the choice to do what she felt was right.

    In countries in which abortion is outlawed completely, the state would have decided for Crim, and she would have been required to give up her life regardless of life’s circumstances. Self-sacrifice on her part would not even have been possible.

    • Damonrambo

      That is ridiculous. Even in places where abortion is illegal (as it should be…killing children should not be legal!), Dr.’s and patients can still make life and death decisions such as this. They already do it with GROWN patients, and killing adults is very much illegal.

      As far as foster care, are you saying that we should kill children, instead of putting them in foster care? I am sorry, but just because a kid doesn’t have a parent, does not give anyone the right to kill him or her.

    • Kimberly Wedel

      The majority of children in foster care are not allowed to be adopted. Family Services goal is to reunite families so they very seldom sever parents rights.Many foster families are more than willing to adopt the children they foster but are not allowed to. There are far more people willing to adopt than there are babies available for adoption. Foster care is the go to argument for pro-aborts but it just doesn’t hold true.

    • guest

      None of what you have asked is your business, nor does it have to be explained to anyone!  What she did for her daughter is selfless and precious in the sight of God. No greater love is this than a man would lay down his life for another” Jesus said this, not only did He say it, He did it, He was our example! You have no right to question what she did or cast any negativity on it, shame on you! That is pure heartlessness on your part. All your what ifs, dont matter, they dont pertain here and you need to think before you speak.

      Anyone who gets put into this situation would make their own choice based off their own lives, that has nothing to do with this story! This is HER story, no one elses! Maybe she did get inseminated, maybe she wanted to have a child, how is that your concern?  Frankly I am appauled at people rudeness, even in times like this.  Mind your own business and I in case your mom never taught you better, if you dont have something nice to say, dont say anything at ALL! By the way, your last sentence is completely irrelevant, why are you trying to take away the wonderfulness of what this mother did? That fact is she HAD a choice and she chose another life over her own, I cant help but wonder if you have made a choice perhaps you are regretting involving a child? Sounds like it to me!

    • torah4today

      Look at that beautiful baby’s picture and tell me again about that difficult choice.  Those difficult choice are the case in very few instances.  People use the extremest of cases to justify what if usually nothing more than convenience.

  • Diane26

    S sad she passed away, but I do believe the caring brother and wife will give the baby a good home and make the baby one of the family along with their other children.  That is a happy ending to a very difficult hardship.

  • torah4today

    Simply put, I doubt there would be more than 25% of the current abortions if people were told the truth about the baby in their womb.

  • Anonymous

    So, after you end abortion, you’ll get to work on all the miscarriages, still births, babies born who die hours later, things like that, right?

  • Minami

    Nothing beautiful about this. It’s sad that a woman didn’t value her life enough to save herself.

    • Krystal Fitzgerald23

       That is not right to say. She obviously valued the life of her unborn baby, as any good mother would.

    • Esther Dieckmann

      Thats horrible to say!!! as a mother I would do anything for my kids!! get a heart!!

    • Terri Sherrard

      Just to clarify! I was trying to comment and I think I hit like to your above comment! I would lay my life down for my child any day!!! I cannot believe you are calling this lady selfish!!! What selfish reason could she possibly have for dying! Do you not think it broke her heart to know she was not going to have the first days of school, the graduation ceremony, the wedding!? But because of her unselfish act her daughter will most likely get the chance to experience all these things. Without her mother…yes. But she will have people around her that love her and she will have LIFE! How dare this lady be referred to as selfish when she gave the ultimate sacrifice!!