Kitten Falls on Cue (Video)

AWWW, LOL, OMG — By on 2011/10/21 12:59 AM

Kitten Falls on Cue

A cute kitten falls down as soon as the guy says: kitty!

Could be just a funny scaredy cat, but the kitten probably has Myotonia Congenita, otherwise known as ‘fainting goat’ syndrome. The more you know, the less funny it is. :/

via hyst

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  • Dianam1001

    The poor kitty was probably plastered on that bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade right next to her.


    That kitten looks like he has been fed some of that bottle that is showing behind it. It is cruel to feed alcohol to animals of any age, especially a kitten. It probably died right after. The SPCA should investigate it. Not funny at all.