Surfer Almost Swallowed by Whale in California (Video)

OMG, Strange News — By on 2011/11/03 4:19 PM

whale watcher close call

A surfer was almost swallowed by a humpback whale near the coast of Santa Cruz, California. Footage taken by Barbara Roettger shows two whales jumping out of the water with their mouth wide open, very close to a woman floating on a surfboard and a pair of kayakers.

Seems like these people are in fact whale watchers, with little regard for safety regulations. It is extremely dangerous to get that close to whales.

via Glebsta

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  • Pam Gerik/ Anchorage Resident

    From Anchorage, AK/Sat.5th…

    Why isn’t the Calif/Gvrnmt doing something to curb these idoiots, from going out there and harrassing these feeding whales… is it going to take an actual death… stupid human swallowed by Whale, before anything is done to stop this absolute foolishness?!
    Thougt there was a law on the books, preventing a certain amount of interacting distance of these animals…..

                                                                        Pam Gerik

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  • Roxane Tye

    Oh my god, that’s so much horrible. These surfers are playing games with death.