Evil Laughing Daughter Has Chosen the Dark Side (Video)

LOL, OMG — By Dave on 2011/11/16 8:06 PM

Evil Laughing Daughter Has Chosen the Dark Side

The evil laugh of her 18-month-old baby daughter makes Youtuber Stardestroyer65 think her little girl has chosen the Dark Side. I am pretty sure this is not the last time we’ll hear this cartoon-like evil genius laughter, because this video will be used in mashups ’til Judgment Day.

via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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  • Amglovteh

    i can’t understand how some people do thing at times. my reason is why on earth should some body called this child “evil” genius. i wonder what that has to do with the baby laugh. when the baby eventually becomes the evil you tag her, then u start looking for who will help u out.

  • Cbmachinery

    people are idiots thats all i have to say

  • Dark Side Fan

    Well if you like the video then you should definitely work this meme till its’ death…and wear the shirt too!


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