Dogs Swimming with a Seal (Picture Gallery)

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Playful dogs Bolle and Coco were swimming in the sea after a long walk when a seal sneaked up behind them and started following them. It seems that the seal wanted to play with the dogs.

The amazing scene was captured by photographer Anneke van de Kassteele in Netherlands.

“If the dogs swam away the seal would make a little noise to get their attention. The little seal wasn’t afraid of the dogs and wanted to get to know them – they were really excited”, Anneke is quoted saying in the Daily Mail.

Hey...I'm just behind you..:-)
© annekevandekassteele

net niet scherp...toch leuk...
© annekevandekassteele

They couldn't stop playing...
© annekevandekassteele

Bolle + Kokkos meet a seal
© annekevandekassteele

Een moedige zeehond speelt met Bolle :-))
© annekevandekassteele

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  • Chris Wilson610

    Sweet! The little seal must have been lonesome – they are very social. What a great catch photo-wise! ChrisW