Paul Stender Straps Cruise Missile to 1967 Chevy (Video)

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Paul Stender Straps Cruise Missile to 1967 Chevy

Paul Stender of Indianapolis, Indiana, strapped a cruise missile engine to the roof of a car. His 1967 Chevrolet Impala can now reach speeds of up to 300mph.

The Jet-Impala 67  also fires out 30ft flames and leaves massive clouds of smoke in its wake. The monstrous motor has a 10,000bhp engine – the equivalent of 10 Bugatti Veyrons.

EDIT: the video disappeared from Youtube, but I found a LiveLeak version. In case that one is not working too, you can watch it on Daily Mail.

The 44-year-old created the jet-powered car with his crew at Indy Boys Inc who pride themselves on creating the fastest and most bizarre vehicles.

Their latest invention is based on an urban legend about a hillbilly farmer who crashed his rocket-propelled car into the side of a mountain. The same team also created a jet-powered toilet and a jet-powered school bus which could reach speeds of over 750mph.

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  • Dante Mallet

    Well, the need for speed is strong in that Chevy. It’s quite a cartoonish sight, yet at the same time, it’s also pretty impressive.

    • phil

      Somewhere I read he said he went 300 MPH (maybe in his dreams!!) no way a 1967 Impala body can stay on the ground at speeds like that!
      It’s all for looks, I see by the flags on the car it’s a big block so it has the power to do donuts and stuff but it’s just a clown car!

      • Carry Bacot

        Who knows? Maybe more rockets would make that speed more believable. They have to be in key locations to make sure that the car accelerates properly, though you also have to take into account the endurance of the car itself. Either way, a rocket car makes a pretty cool sight.