Wind Turbine Explodes in Flames at Ardrossan, Scotland (Picture Gallery)

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A wind turbine exploded in flames after it was struck by hurricane-force winds at Ardrossan Wind Farm, North Ayrshire, Scotland. The $3 million, 328-foot-tall, wind turbine was spinning so fast it caught fire. Local photographer Stuart McMahon captured the incident in a series of photographs:

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

© Stuart McMahon

UPDATE: now with video!

via Gizmodo

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  • Angela Kearns

    Change the location to Victoria Australia in midsummer, Temperature around 43 Degrees Celcius, with a hot north wind blowing, tinder dry forest within 1.5. kms of turbines. Dry brown pasture with cattle and sheep grazing. A disaster waiting to happen

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  • Mike Barnard

    The real story behind this singular wind turbine failure is
    the following:


    “While the turbine grabbed attention, a power line
    running into Hunterston power station, also on Scotland’s west coast, was
    brought down by the gale, causing the 460-megawatt B-8 nuclear reactor to cease
    generating for 54 hours.

    Infinis, which owns the windfarm, and EDF Energy, which owns
    the power station, both refused to disclose how much energy they were unable to

    But Dr Ian Lange, director of the MSc in energy management
    at Stirling University,…estimates that Hunterston lost around 17,388 MWh
    compared with the turbine’s 1,210MWh even though it has now been out of action
    for many weeks.”


    Rare wind turbine fires are dramatic visually, but
    immaterial in context of 165,000 working, productive wind turbines world wide.


    While all generating capacity from the nuclear plant was
    offline, the other 11 wind turbines in the wind farm kept generating clean,
    safe electricity.