Bullfrog Playing Ant Crusher (Video)

LOL — By on 2011/12/21 5:19 PM

Bullfrog Playing Ant Crusher

Bullfrogs like playing Ant Crusher too! But, unlike the bearded dragons, these frogs tend to get annoyed by the virtual ants on the touch screen…

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  • http://newopticalillusions.blogspot.com/ Ashraf

    a good game to play for Frog

  • Anonymous

    The last scene is EPIC!

  • Anonymous

    That game can make them (animals) depressed over hunting and never receiving the bug. Its good he bit you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1177410584 Julia Smellie

    ew what’s it like to be bit by a frog?


    Looks more like a Pacman frog, also it doesn’t hurt to be bit by one they don’t have teeth , some do but they are to small to really hurt.