30-story Hotel Built in 15 Days in China (Video)

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30-Story Building Constructed In Only 360 Hours

After building 15-stories in six days, Chinese construction company Broad Group managed to beat their own record by constructing a 30-story tall hotel in just 15 days! The 183,000-square-foot building was erected near the Dongting lake, in China’s Hunan Province, from prefabricated modules mounted on a steel structure, with diagonal steel bracing.

The hotel is so solid that it can resist a 9 magnitude earthquake, as tested by the China Academy of Building Research.

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  • http://scifsolutions.com/scif-options/retrofit-scif-rooms/ Franklyn VanPey

    Tsk, why can’t I watch the first vid? Anyway, the second vid managed to explain how they were able to build a building as high and as sturdy as that in just 15 days. The materials used are very advanced…It would be reassuring to live or work in that building, knowing that it’s tested to be completely secure.