2012 Dakar Rally: Peterhansel Nearly Runs Over Biker (Video)

Odd Ball, OMG — By on 2012/01/15 3:47 AM
Peterhansel Ciotto incident

Photo: dakarpress.nl

French mini driver Stephane Peterhansel is on the verge of winning the Dakar Rally, but during the Stage 9 of the race he showed that he is ready to completely disregard the safety of a fellow competitor in order to win.

Peterhansel nearly crushed Filippo Ciotto while crossing the river, clipping the Italian biker with his mini. He didn’t check on him or helped him with his bike and the organizers have turned the blind eye on the whole incident.

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  • Tepayne

    When you know that you have the organisers behind you it is every chance you will not be penalised,even what Depres did should have had a  penalty,now that shows the lack of any sportsmanship   Tezza. 

  • Elmontanero

    Tell Monster to remove their sponsorship: 
    Sad.. sad… sad.