Pentti Arajarvi Caught Staring at Danish Princess’ Boobs (Video)

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Finnish President’s Husband Caught Staring at Danish Princess’ Breasts

BUSTED! Finnish president’s husband checking out Danish Princess’ breasts

Pentti Arajarvi, husband of Finnish president Tarja Halonen, was caught on camera staring at Princess Mary of Denmark’s boobs during a state dinner hosted by the Queen of Denmark in Copenhagen last month. Princess Mary noticed it too because she had a sudden urge to cover up her cleavage.

Pentti’s reaction? He quickly turned his eyes upward and pretended to be admiring the ceiling of the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. A very ungentlemanly conduct from the First Gentleman of Finland.

via The Daily What

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  • Buzza

    He looks like he’d had far too much red wine and probably doesn’t even know what he was staring at – lol !!

  • Gianni Avertino

    It isn’t a true depiction of what happened. Danish comedian created the video sequence for a Danish satire program. Meanwhile, he hadn’t expected it to go viral globally. It is admitted today Sunday in Danish newspapers. You can auto-translate this page from Danish if needed: Sorry, it was a good story :-)Cheers,netpointers