Epic Home Improvement Store Ad (Video)

LOL, Pop Culture — By on 2012/03/11 3:59 AM

Epic Home Improvement Store Ad

The new commercial for the German home improvement store chain Hornbach is titled ‘Festival’. And a festival it is…a festival of awesomeness!

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  • Johnny

    Very good commercial/ad. Love how funny it is. Creative and gets the point across. 

  • http://www.bishopriccompanies.com/home-improvements/additions/ Louie Cunningham

    I can totally relate to this video. It’s really a great feeling when you get something done, even as simple as hammering a nail deep into the wood with a single hit. I always feel that way every time I finish the little home renovations that I do in my house every weekend. 

  • diana kelvin

    Fantastic post! :) wall lights