Jimmy Kimmel: TV Weatherman’s Creepy Moment (Video)

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Jimmy Kimmel: TV Weatherman's Creepy Moment

Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a segment on Fox 6 TV weatherman Mickey Ferguson and his awkward exchange with young girls in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


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  • Disgusted by Jimmy

    I think Jimmy and who ever was responsible for posting/twisting this into something it wasn’t should be ashamed of themselves.  Mickey is a God fearing man who holds the utmost respect from ALL of his viewers, which understood it was a off of the head comment that MEANT NOTHING AT ALL EXCEPT WHAT YOU TWISTED AND DISRESPECTFUL TAINTED MINDS want to make of an innocent situation. This time you have picked on the wrong person, I will NEVER watch or support Jimmy EVER again.  It was  uncalled for and he couldn’t have disrespected a more sweeter, kinder, outstanding man than Mickey who we all love and respect.  God bless Mickey, we love you and God knows, no worries!!!

  • MsAlabama

    Although I do see the humor in this, Mickey is genuinely a good person and is very entertaining, which is why I continue to watch Fox6.  I’ve know Mickey for a long time and this humor is what we all expect from him.  Thanks for bringing attention to such an entertaining figure in our State.