Patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital perform Stronger (Video)

Pop Culture, Video — By on 2012/05/08 10:42 PM

Patients at Seattle Children's Hospital perform Stronger

The hemoncology floor of Seattle Children’s Hospital performs Kelly Clarkson’s song ‘Stronger’.

via The Daily What

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  • Dodgeturbodiesel

    Awesome and very inspirational!!!!

  • Pirate Bob

    It’s really sad that the recording industry has blocked this video for copyright infringement. I hope the recording industry and the MPAA go bankrupt!

    • PicksAndFlicks

      Thanks for the info! I’ve updated the embed and it works now, but you’re right they’ve blocked the original video. I’m pretty sure it was done automatically by an audio recognition software, but what a HORRIBLE thing to do. Someone from the Seattle Children’s Hospital should give them a call.