Alligator Attacks Fisherman in Kayak, Knocks Dog in Water (Video)

OMG, Strange News — By on 2012/05/09 9:51 PM

Alligator Attacks Fisherman in Kayak, Knocks Dog in Water

An alligator attacked a Florida man kayaking on Triplet Lake in Casselberry. Thomas Swiader said he was fishing when an alligator rammed his kayak and hit him in the arm, knocking his girlfriend’s dog, a small Yorkie named Buffy, into the water.

“I looked over and she was swimming in the water, so just immediately I grabbed the leash, pulled her back to me and threw her in the kayak and at that time she was pretty frightened,” Swiader said.

He believes the gator was after Buffy. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said attacks like these are rare and they believe that the alligator probably thought the kayak was another alligator and was being territorial.

The whole incident was caught on Swiader’s helmet camera.

Warning: gator attack apparently causes NSFW language.

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